John Leek

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Give a man a fish
and he'll eat 4 a day
teach 'm how 2 fish
and he'll eat 4ever

After teaching (media) and mentoring adolescents in Amsterdam for 10 years, I took part in the development of NEMO for 7 years.

Since 2000 I worked on the development and realisation of the educational concept, programs and products for the Beeld en Geluid experience (Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision experience) in Hilversum. See:

My responsibility is to manage the innovation of media-educational products and processes that are related to the experience. I take part in several networks thus aiming for a solid national educational framework concerning media literacy.

In doing so I'm convinced that working in the actual mediaspace is only effective when you participate and innovate. Either as an individual or as an organisation. Participate means that you act and interact in networks, share information and knowledge etcetera. To innovate means that you keep following the path of imagination and go beyond easy solutions.

I believe that solutions for educational challenges must be engaging and inclusive. Imagination and innovation can help us in that direction.