The Object Lag, Intangible, a Play

A choreography by Emily Williams in collaboration with David Weber-Krebs, Warren Neidich and Deirdre M. Donoghue

17 dec 2010

The 2010 programme of Nieuwe Vide draws to a close on the 17th and 18th of December with The Object Lag Intangible, a Play. In Part Five of The Object Lag, guest curator and artist, Emily Williams enters a working period in collaboration with performance artist, David Weber-Krebs, artist and theoretician, Warren Neidich and artist, Deirdre M. Donoghue.


Invitation card, The Object Lag Intangible, a Play -

In the cyclical work of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, a fragment of the final sentence recirculates to the opening sentence. Joyce himself revealed that the book. “(…)ends in the middle of a sentence and begins in the middle of the same sentence.”

Reflecting on the past year and departing from the question; How can The Object lag be documented without fixing it? Williams devises a choreography that opposes bringing The Object Lag to a prescribed end, but rather, sets it in motion as a possible beginning.

Participants in The Object Lag Intangible, a Play are:
Michael Beck, Deirdre M. Donoghue, Rana Hamdeh, Scott Joseph Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Warren Neidich, Julie Peeters, David Weber-Krebs, Emily Williams