Niels van Koevorden


Niels van Koevorden - Photo found on his website.

Niels van Koevorden (1984) was born as a farmers’ son in Tiel, the Netherlands. At the age of three he moved with his parents to Belgium. He finished the secondary school in Antwerp and after fourteen years of Flemish culture he returned to the Netherlands to continue his studies. At the Bernhard Lievegoed College of Liberal Arts he first noticed his interest in documenting the life surrounding him.

He started studying film at the School of Arts in Utrecht, but soon got accepted at the Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. It was there he graduated (in 2010) as a director. In 2003 he made his first film abroad, a short documentary portraying youngsters leaving Sarajevo. His love for the Balkan region was then born and even today it is a returning theme in his work. For his graduation film he asked himself whether it would be possible to make a film in Bosnia that doesn’t speak about war. It resulted in LUKOMIR - SIX MONTHS OFF, that was rewarded with the VPRO documentary award for best graduation documentary.

Although it is Niels’ great wish to make fiction, he is convinced that it is very important to properly observe reality before reinventing it. He hopes to make his first feature length documentary soon.


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