Julia van der Veen

Social Media Channels

What channels do we use, and how we use them

We mainly use Instagram and Facebook, but we do own other social media accounts. Look here for an overview of what to post where.

Log ins for all accounts can be found on the password page.


Some instagram posts -

Image Credit

When you use images to post on social media/website, make sure they are made by Mediamatic staff or that we can use them with permission from the photographer and credit accordingly! 


This is a public account. Here we upload edited selections of pictures. You can use all pictures for promotion on social media. Look here for more information about using Flickr. 

Creator Studio

You can schedule posts in Creator Studio. A planning tool from Facebook. This works very well for Facebook & Instagram. Just log into the Mediamatic Mod Facebook, go to the Mediamatic page, find Publication Tools, and then Creator Studio. 

Website mediamatic.net

  • Events (in collaboration with the program team)
  • Updates (written by communication manager)
  • Blog posts (often written by interns and artists in residence)
  • Persons and Organisations profiles (in collaboration with the programme team)
  • Images/Media  (in collaboration with the programme team and photographers)


  • Posting about previous and upcoming workshops
  • Sharing media of events (post-production) 
  • Showing happenings at Biotoop (Stories)
  • Highlighting our blogs and articles
  • Share posts from other people that tag Mediamatic


Although Facebook might seem dead, it is still one of our most important platforms to redirect visitors to our website. Therefore it is important to keep on sharing our events + links. 

  • Creation of events 
  • Reposting Instagram Posts (Change 'link in bio' into actual link) 
  • Posts in events 
  • Sharing events on the Mediamatic page (according to event calendar and sales) 
  • Sharing ticket links
  • Sharing links to blogposts

Make sure you are not posting on the Mediamatic Mod page. This is the main-page that you are on when logging into the Facebook account. When posting/sharing an event select --> Post as --> Mediamatic. 

Linked In

We are posting less frequently on Linked In. It is mainly used to share vacancies, but it can also be used when we need extra communication. It is also a good place to share blogposts, and links to press in which we are featured. 

  • Share Job Vacancies
  • Sharing articles from outside Mediamatic
  • Sharing Blog Posts 
  • Sharing upcoming events
  • Building press connections


https://vimeo.com/mediamaticvimeo (Log in info here)
Currently we are not using Vimeo. Videos can be posted to Instagram (Instagram TV) directly.


https://www.youtube.com/user/MediamaticAmsterdam (Log in info here)
We post our lecture live-streams on the Odorama channel on Youtube. 
It would be nice to use Youtube more. But at the moment we do not have enough time to create content. 


We are currently not using Twitter.