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  • Our newsletter that people signed up for. No press!
  • Send about 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • For events separately (biotalks, odorama's, secretopia, exhibitions, etc)
  • For workshops in combination (“Workshops in *Month*”) and 4-5 weeks prior to the events

NOTE: It's really convenient to duplicate an old mailing to have the right format. However, make sure to change ALL THE INFORMATION (incuding title etc) with your new information. 


> Write the mailing on your computer using pages/word. Use text of event on the website, but with just 1 sentence for each participant. Shorten it where possible.
Same format as previous mailings (see: > campaigns > select previous mailing > view email)

> Print the mailing 2 times. Give 1 to Jans and 1 to Willem. Often you’ll need at least a day for their reply, so be on time with this!

> Edit their comments in mailing

> Check grammar with native speaker

> Go to

> Campaigns

> Create Campaigns

> Create an email

> Campaign name= Name of event TEST > Begin

> Choose a list > Personal Test List (make sure you are part of this) > Entire List

> Email Subject= Name of event  | From email address= own email adress> Check all the tracking boxes

> Next

> Saved templates

> Mailing Template

> Use same format the mailing template.
In first box: Title (font size=40)+ subtitle (font size=24)+ short intro (font size= 18)+ website link / Facebook link /ticket link.
In second box: change picture to main picture of the event. If it is too big, mailchimp can change this for you
In third box: body text (font sizes= 20+18+16)

> Save & Close everything

> Send

> Check mailing in your e-mail inbox. Check all the urls and check for mistakes! There are so often mistakes that can be overlooked (especially about the dates/days/times/names: Willem and Jans don’t check this)!

> go to

> Campaigns

> Create Campaigns

> Create an email

> Campaign name= Name of event > Begin

> Choose a list > Mediamatic Newsletter New > entire list

> Check all the tracking boxes

> Next

> Campaigns

> Select Campaign “Name of event TEST” (the one you just send to yourself to check)

> Correct mistakes made in test mailing

> Send