Press releases

How do we appear in the media? (Here as well: ANP Pers Support).

For events/actions organised by Mediamatic we often (not always) send a press release, through Mailchimp. (Login: mediamatic, pw: Whznwv0b? ). Select the press contact list (for Dutch press: NL Press (all) )

Writing a press release


NOTE: It's really convenient to duplicate an old press mailing to have the right format. However, make sure to change ALL THE INFORMATION (incuding title etc) for the new event.

Press releases are shorter and more to the point than mailings. No need to use figure of speech and blarney, because journalists will see right through this. They just want information that is to the point. Always let your press release be checked by a colleague. If it's in English, let a native speaker check it. However, normally we always write them in DUTCH. 

  • Always add an image, but keep in mind that it isn't too big for the receivers inboxes.Sve your sent paress releases in the folder 'Verstuurde persberichten' from Here you can also see previous press releases as an example.
  • You'll receive some bounced emails or "please do not send me these press releases anymore" messages. Unsubscribe these people from the press list.