Advertising possibilities

We prefer free publicity.

Add everything about online and offline agendas and (free) advertising possibilities here.

There was a lot of knowledge lost because of changes in our communications department. Contacts with magazines and websites and former closed deals are unknown, except for the folder 'Jolien' in AddressBook. You can find some earlier proposals in the folder 'Advertenties en drukwerk' in the Pers email client. It's recommended to look these through when you have are looking for ways of promotion.

Online calendars

Online calendars usually check our calendar and mailings to add events to their lists.


We Are Public

Basje ( and Daphne ( mailen with a proposition “does this look like it could be part of your programme”.

When? As soon as a We Are Public event finished. At least 1 month in advance.
Reservation of 15-20 tickets (so there will be tickets to sell at the door still). Members can show their membership card at the door to get a ticket; so who comes first has a place (aka they cannot buy a ticket on the website)

Scanner for We Are Public can be found in ticketservice box. Check manual (also in ticketbox). You'll need to see a screen where you can log in for We Are Public. Scanner data is via usb; plug it into your computer and scan.


Mik in Oost

A small calendar focused on cultural acitivities in Amsterdam Oost. We used to be part of this, but stopped in 2017. Can initiate again in accordance with Jans and Willem.




Sometimes we advertise in the Subbacultcha magazine.


Google Analytics

We want to alert you that you have been granted the following access: Collaborate to the Google Analytics account " (UA-534409)" by

Please log in to Analytics at to access this account.



Please consult Willem and Jans if you'd like to start using GoogleAdwords. With clever chosen search terms, you could get a lot of visitors to your website. Here you pay per click and you can set up a maximum per day, like with the FB ads.

Follow your campaign closely, so you can delete low scoring search terms on time and replace them for better ones. A campaign starts after confirmation of GoogleAd. It will be declined if you use a exclamation mark.

surf to
User name: / password: mediamaticvvv.


Communication on site


Often we hang emaille title plates next to works that are present for more than 6 months.

Order at WillemsClassics.

Old invoices (April 2016) stated ' artikelcode Z013079 (enamel text signs 13cm)’: probably special request/maatwerk.
The work files are at the serverr: 0-stichting > 0-MMArchief > 0-Media Bank > 2016 > Graphic Design > Art Piece Signs.

In the Graphic Design office there is a box with 'Emaille bordjes’