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Ivar Verploegh - Portrait of Ivar Verploegh, psychedelic mushroom expert.

Ivar Verploegh has written several articles about psychedelic mushrooms and translated Stanislav Grof’s “Psychology of the Future – lessons from modern consciousness research”, a book about the psychological and spiritual background of the psychedelic experience.

"This book is a richly illustrated introduction to the fascinating work of psychiatrist and consciousness researcher Stanislav Grof. Based on his experience with psychedelic therapy and holotrop breath work, Grof outlines a comprehensive map of the human psyche, composed of the biographical, perinatal and transpersonal domain. Several "non-ordinary states of consciousness" provide access to these areas of the mind."

Dutch news item with Ivar Verploegh about the banning of psychedelic mushrooms.

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Stanislav Grof, de nieuwe psychologie Door: Ivar Verploegh

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5 minute lecture by Ivar Verploegh on psychedelic mushrooms during Ignite #10 at Mediamatic. Door: Ivar Verploegh

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