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Director at Except Integrated Sustainability


Eva Gladek -

Remarkable quote "I bring kickass food-producing ecosystems."

Eva Gladek, a native of New York City, is an industrial ecologist passionate about sustainability. Her work integrates knowledge from across the natural and social sciences to develop innovative solutions in sectors as diverse as agriculture, electronics and information management.

Eva began her scientific career as a molecular biologist, and continued on to work as a science journalist and television producer before developing her expertise in industrial ecology. She is an expert in technical environmental management techniques such as Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flow Analysis, and applying green design principles.

Some of her recent projects include the conceptual development of Polydome, a high-yield greenhouse that functions like a natural ecosystem and offers the potential for net-zero impact food production. She also recently worked on optimizing the material flows in a social housing neighborhood in Rotterdam, developing guidelines for the production of greener chemicals for a large chemical manufacturer, and designing a financing platform for sustainable development.

Eva holds a Master’s in industrial environmental management from Yale University and a Bachelor’s in molecular biology from Amherst College. Since 2009, she has served as Co-Director of Except Integrated Sustainability.

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