The Bitter Truth

Bierberaad 03: Derek Walsh, Matthew Whiteside, Sander Nederveen, Jan Lemmens, De Prael

7 nov 2014

"Drink wine after beer and you'll feel queer!" We all know this expression, but is it true? At Bierberaad we investigate where radical beer brewing and wine yeasting intersect. With scientist-gone-vintager Matthew Whiteside, an introduction to Saens Kuit by Derek Walsh, the presentation of two Geuze beers by Jan Lemmens, a beer-bottle hunt with Henriette Waal, presentation by Brouwerij 7 Deugden and a talk by Design Bridge and De Prael. No beer-knowledge? Don't worry, Sander Nederveen from Oedipus Brewing will give a short lecture on brewing just before the talks begin. It's time for another round! Diner at 19:00, Bier Beraad at 20:00.

*Free for Public members.


Beer tasting at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - The first beer is distributed for tasting at Bierberaad, an evening filled with talks, stories and tastings of special biers and radical flavours. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


Beer brewing introduction by Sander Nederveen from Oedipus brewing.
Especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process of beer-brewing we invited a local brewer Sander Nederveen to give a short introduction. Right before the talks begin, at 19:45, this beer-master will hand you all the information you need about yeasts and alcohol.


Sander Nederveen at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Local brewer Sander Nederveen giving an introduction to the beer brewing process at Bierberaad.

Matthew Whiteside
Matthew Whiteside is a scientist working at the VU, where he tracks quantum-dots and their movements. Next to his love for science he is also a passionate vintager! In this talk he will focus on the importance of microbial communities throughout fermentations. There are many strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the main fermenting species in wine, beer and mead. Some of these strains are bullies and like to ferment alone (which can lead to a very simple tasting product), but others like to"co-ferment" in concert with one another (which can lead to a much more complex product). These complex products are often the ones that are desired the most. Matthew will emphasize what we know about
microbial communities during co-fermentation and which ones work well together to obtain desired tastes and other sensory attributes.


Matthew Whiteside at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Matthew Whiteside presenting on the importance of microbial communities throughout fermentations. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

De Prael
Amsterdam based brewery De Prael keeps the brewing history alive, because they still brew like they did centuries ago. Their Beerstore, Brewery & Beerpub is located in the heart of Amsterdam city center.

De 7 Deugden
Brewery the 7 Deugden aims to create the perfect beer for a quiet moment. To enjoy alone, with a good book, or with friends while having a good conversation. But that's not all. In their brewery they also offer a working environment for people have difficulty finding jobs in the regular system.


Garmt Haakma at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Garmt Haakma from Brouwerij De 7 Deugden presenting at Bierberaad 7.11.2014. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

Derek Walsh
Derek Walsh (the man on the right) is a true walking beer-encyclopedia. As expert and beer-judge he flies all over the world to give his upright opinion. He is also writer of the well known "Bier Type Gids" a referential guide for brewers and beer-lovers.


Derek Walsh at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Derek Walsh with the traditional Dutch beer he presented at Bierberaad. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith

Henriette Waal
Artist and wild yeast enthusiast Henriette Waal is biercurator for Bierberaad. In 2009 she started the Buitenbrouwerij a mobile brewery that creates beers with the locals and their local ingredients. Recently she went on a bottle hunting in the Big Apple at the so called Bottle Beach, a dump site for bottles from 1800 till 1940. What did she find?

Design Bridge
In a city becoming increasingly known for its quality artisanal beer, the designers at Design Bridge felt that, as they enjoy consuming it and have designed so many other people’s brands, they should turn their skills to creating their very own Design Bridge Amsterdam beer. Alex Halfpenny (sr designer Design Bridge) and Robert Muijzert (Project Coordinator at Design Bridge and brewer at Brewhemoth) will give a short presentation about how the International Brand Design Agency brought a beer brand to life. The story of Trip Trap Beer!


Design Bridge at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Alex Halfpenny (sr designer Design Bridge) and Robert Muijzert (Project Coordinator) presenting at Bierberaad.

Jan Lemmens
Jan Lemmens is the steady force at De Bierkoning in Amsterdam and initiator of the Carnivale the Brettanomyces (since 2013) a festival for beer nerds devoted entirely to the use of wild yeasts and bacteria in beer ( From the collection of the Bierkoning he introduces us to one of the best Geuze of our southern neighbors. A Geuze is a tart and dry Belgian beer made by blending young an old lambic and re-fermentation in the bottle. Characteristic of lambic is that it is caused by spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts form the air.


Jan Lemmens at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 - Jan Lemmens after presenting a Geuze beer at Bierberaad 7.11.2014. Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


Oude Kriek from 3 Fonteinen
The Oude Kriek is made by adding cherries (pits and all) into young Lambic and allowing it to ferment in the barrel for 6-8 months. Then after bottling it ferments even more, but this time spontaneous in the bottle itself!

Girardin's Gueuze 1882, Black Label
The unfiltered Black label 1882 is exemplary for the Geuze beers. It is produced in the small village of Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle in Belgium.

A concoction from De Prael

Pee Jo Liu (The Flowing Beer)
Pee Jo Liu is created in the Chinese region of Hunan, famous for their tea cultivation. The Pilsner is brewed in a tiny local residency near the river Yunjiang. Because of the subtropical climate there and the lack of temperature controlled refrigerators, they can only brew within wintertimes.

A speciality from 7 Deugden

Saens Kuit brought by Derek Walsh
A true traditional dutch beer, dating back till the 14th century. The Kuitbier was introduced as the Dutch equivalent of the Hamburger Witbier. At the beginning of this year the Campagne Nederlandse Bierstijlen called out for a modern version of the traditional Kuitbeer. Derek Walsh will bring you one of the results: The Saens Kuit.

And we have Elser Kuit from Naeckte Brouwers on draft.




Elser Kuit from Naeckte Brouwers - Elser Kuit from Naeckte Brouwers at Bierberaad 7.11.2014 Amy Claire Elizabeth Galbraith


Homegrown Aquaponics meal with catfish
Did you know that we grow our own vegetables? As a matter of fact our Aquaponics systems provide fish and veggies! Come early for a home-cooked meal of smoked catfish, quiche and sauerkraut salad. Only €7,00

Friday 7 November
Food at 19:00, talks at 20:00
Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10, Amsterdam

Tickets: €10,00 (including a €5,00 Mediamatic Membership and some refreshing beers)
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