Reinier de Graaf


After joining OMA in 1996 as project director for De Rotterdam, the largest building under construction in the Netherlands, Reinier de Graaf went on to become director of AMO, the think-tank for OMA.

AMO was a response to the realization that clients were beginning to look to architects for things beyond the design of an entire building, there were things such as exhibit and identity design that the architects were also highly capable of doing while maintaining a view of the larger picture of a project. Reinier de Graaf’s ability to work at varying scales has led to work for the European Union, both ‘The Image of Europe’ and ‘Roadmap 2050: A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe’. He is currently involved with Rem Koolhaas (a founder of OMA) in the Strelka Institute in Moscow, Russia. The post-graduate institute is dedicated to developing new perspectives on contemporary Russia by analyzing things like the thinning of cities and sustainable energy. (Source: Dutch Design.)

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