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Edita Karkoschka calls herself a composer, singer, piano player, an organizer, a lover, a prize winner, a friend, an addicted dancer, a fan of japanese literature and film, a woman, a storyteller, a child, an explorer and expander, sometimes an actor or just an upper silestan: a pretty versatile person.

Edith Karkoschka, “Edita” was born 1985 in Tychy (PL) and moved with her parents and brother to Friedrichshafen, in South Germany in 1987. She spent her childhood half in Germany and half in Poland. In 2005 she moved to Arnhem (NL) and finished her studies with a bachelor of music and education (cum laude) in 2010. Since then she’s working as an independent artist. Edita speaks 4 languages: Polish, German, Dutch and English.

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