Peter van der Es

A fair, an overview, a statement


Peter & Boris (Unfair Amsterdam) @ Ignite Amsterdam 27 - During Ignite Amsterdam at Mediamatic artists, designers and other makers get 5 minutes to present their passions. The next Ignite Amsterdam will be held on May 29. Get your tickets online. Picture taken from Peter's Facebook account. Found on the facebook of Peter Van Der Es

Peter van der Es is a video artist. Together with Adam Nilissen and Boris de Beijer (2 other artists) he organises UnfairAmsterdam. This is an art fair for and by young artists who graduated not more than five years ago. UnfairAmsterdam is a response to the loss of ArtAmsterdam in 2012 and the vanishing support of cultural initiatives. Along with fellow artists they show their work to a wide audience. It's a new sound on the cultural agenda, to celebrate the talent that makes our generation rich. UnfairAmsterdam: "A fair, an overview, a statement."

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