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Formarly soundartist Cilia Erens is a town and countryplanner. In 1987 she introduced soundwalks in the Netherlands. In her soundwalks, sound panoramas and ‘soundscapes’, she uses largely unmixed everyday sounds. In the absence of words, her work reaches deeper layers; ‘audible space’ is her speciality. One of her best-known works is Silencer, a sound show about the stillness of silence.

Listening to Erens’ compositions, based on binaural recordings, always creates a new reality within existing realms, a form of ‘augmented reality’. Numerous of listeners have already experienced just that during soundwalks in cities including Rotterdam, Taipei, Broekpolder, Amsterdam, Berlijn and Yogyakarta.

Cilia Erens also works as a guest lecturer at institutes such as the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (Nederlandse Film- en Televisie Academie).

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