Renting a room at the Biotoop

What to do and what not to do during your stay

On this page you will find practical information about renting a room at the Biotoop.


Room 3 at the Mediamatic Biotoop - Part of the artist residences at Mediamatic Biotoop



Here you can find more information about the Rooms.
Here you can find more information about the Washing facilities.

There is a shower on the second floor. Please make sure it is clean after you leave and keep your personal stuff (shampoo, showergel etc.) in your room.
You can use the dishwasher for your dirty dishes. Please make sure the kitchen is clean at all times. Use the provided ecological clean tablets.



Parties are fun but if you want to have a drink with friends you can do that downstairs at the Restaurant, at Hannekes Boom or Homeland which are close by, or somewhere else in the city. Mediamatic is justified to end the contract if these rules are not being followed.


Please let us know when something is broken, finished (like washing powder) or if you have any suggestions or complaints

Food & Drinks

Nobody is allowed to cook diner or lunch in the restaurant kitchen. It is not to be used by anyone expect the Mediamatic ETEN staff. In the fridge on the second floor you can store your food/drinks. There are also a lot of lunch and diner facilities around the Biotoop.

Windows & Doors

Please make sure all the windows are closed before you go to bed. You can open a window if you are staying in the room.
Make sure the office door is closed and the door of the computer/print room and the kitchen door downstairs are locked. 

While renting a room you enter through the door on the streetside at the Aromalab. The key is on the same keychain your roomkey is on, if you lose your keys you'll be held accountable and the costs of getting new keys will be on your bill. 

Events and workshops

Mediamatic has a calendar on the website where you can see if an event or workshop is planned. So you’ll know when stuff is going on at the location or when people will be there during the weekend.

There's a small garbage can in all the rooms, please put larger garbage in the carbage containers on the streetside (near the barn). Seperate plastic, glas and paper.

You can smoke outside. Please do not throw your sigaret buds on the floor.


Animals are cute and fun. But not allowed inside.