Saro van Cleynenbreugel

Power Cut

What to do during and after

Installations to turn on and things to manage


Power outage graph december 2012 - This isn the light monitor of tower 1. Normally the light switches off at about 12 and on again 6am. At 5:30 the line becomes dotted – sign of no data – because the power goes off. Power switches on at 13:30

During a power cut you do the following:

0. Notify Floormanager, Jans and Willem
1. Floormanager guides the people in a cleaning exersise.
2. Can we fix internet?
3. Check in the main electrical board where the power is been cut off
4. If the power is off before the main fuse check here (postcode 1019 BS) is it is already mentioned. Call liander if not, 0800-9009.
5. See how long Liander says it is going to take.
6. Check if the fish can wait this long or do we need to get a power generator.

When the power is back on:

1. Reset the clock of the central heating installations, Instructions here
2. Check all the art installations and turn them back on.
3. Reconfigure mechanical timer clocks .