Staff newsletter 4/3

Wednesday 4 March

Here's the weekly staff newsletter for you to know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts


Dijksgracht 6 before Mediamatic moved in - Built in 1957, the building served as an office for the city's bridge maintenance team. DIVV was the name of the department they were part of. Willem Velthoven


Ruben de Roos just joined us this week - you probably have met him already. He is interning for Floor Management, helping Anne out, so things work out smoothly here in Mediamatic.


Great news! From today on, Sjim is cooking lunch for us on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and they are FREE for interns. We have to sign up with Anne every week, and the people in charge of cleaning that day will have to help set up the kitchen at 13:00.


Lunch! -


For people who are interested in the Haeckel posters, the 2 that were hanging in the kitchen have been taken off. They are a bit old, but still in good condition. You can have them for free if you want! They are no.4 and 85 respectively. You can contact Candy or Rosa for that.


Our next Biotalk CaCO3, Botanica and Coleoptera is happening on 12 March. It’s already been mentioned in the newsletter last week, but there are a few things that are worthy of talking about still. To start off, students can get in for 5 euro instead of 8.50!
Also, fresh news this week - one of the pieces from Botanica (pictured below) of Studio Formafantasma will become part of the permanent collection in MoMA, and in this biotalk, they will talk about exactly this collection. Not to be missed! You can read their latest interview here.


botanica -


Taking place this Friday, Bierberaad: Alcoholics, Algae and Pigs will feature Fodder Talk by Kai Kikkers, Prison Beers by Arwen and Matthijs Ronner, Corny Beer Science with Dewi Hartkamp and Detoxing Chlorella Beer. We will also get a chance to taste RESET - anti-hangover drink by the Hangover Information Center. To sign up, please email Anne.


Workshop: Brew Your Own Sixpack will kick off on Saturday as well! Participants will be able to learn creating their own beer with the ‘Brew in a Bag’ method. After the workshop they will have gained enough knowledge to start their own home-brewery and start experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. Sounds exciting to me! At the moment there are 3 spots left, but we could still be selling them. So if you want to join the workshop, email Rosa, and she will inform you if there are available spots last minute.


Beer workshop -


Xiang is now taking portraits of everybody! She has done about half of the crew. If you haven’t got it done already and have a minute, you should go to her. Here are a couple of examples of the fabulous portraits, do use them in your profiles!


Anna - Taken by Xiang


Mirna - Taken by Xiang

Met: Mirna


Candy - Taken by Xiang

Met: Candy Choi

Have a good week!

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