Rosalie Bak, Marina Mehlhorn

Ticketing at the Biotoop

How to prep for an event

Here you will find all you need to know to set up the Ticket Service and prepare yourself for an event at Biotoop Dijksgracht.

  • An overview of the equipment you need and how to install
  • Explanation on selling door tickets
  • Explanation on scanning tickets
  • Explanation on the guest list

Answers to most common questions you'll find here. If not, ask the event manager. 


Ticket Service - Grab your tickets!

What you need:

Where to find it:

Presentation Laptop 07 + Charger

Graphics room

Access to Stager (for door sales and guestliest)


Pin-machine SumUp + SumUp App

Red Ticket service box: Server Room

Ipad + Charger

Ticket service box: Office


Set Up Ticket Service Table


  • Install all electronics
  • Log-in to with your own stager account
  • Go to the ticket section

You will see several options appearing on the left side. You will only use the following:

  • Door Sales: for purchasing tickets at the door
  • Tickets Management: for an overview of all sold tickets with name and contact details
  • Ticket Scanner: for scanning pre-sale tickets. This is for the iPad. 
  • Guest List: for the guest list. This is for the iPad.



ticketing stager -

Ticket Management

This is the overview of all sold tickets. If somehow the scanner is not working, this is the place to check wether someone bought a ticket.
Just to be safe, before you start, make a quick print out of this overview!

  • Select the related event
  • Look up the name


Stager Barcode + Name -


You need two Apps on the Ipad: Stager and Sum Up:

  • Stager is for Scanning tickets.
  • Sum Up is for Selling tickets.

Have your Laptop prepared with the Stager website logged in.

OK Ready to sell?

  1. Take your Laptop, go on Stager’s subsection “Tickets”
  2. Select the right date and event
  3. Select the ticket they want to purchase and click + (number of tickets they want to buy)
  4. Click on Pin
  5. The tickets pops up, save it
  6. Go to the iPad and the Sum Up App
  7. Type in the amount of money the person has to pay (you can see the ticket price at the ticket section on Stager on the Laptop) and click “charge”
  8. The pin machine should show now the amount of Money and the people can put their card on top/slide their card in
  9. If the payment is successful, Sum Up will tell you. If someone wants a receipt, they can type in their mail address now (but usually don’t hand out receipts)

Note: Stager on the Laptop is NOT connected to SumUp (it is only for Ticket Management)  - Only Stager on the Ipad 


Stager Ticket Sales copy -

Ticket Scanner


We will use the Ipad! 10 minutes before the event, someone will go to the entrance to scan all the tickets. There needs to be enough light! (in case it's too dark, bring a lamp)

  • Log in to the Ipad with the code 000000
  • Open the Stager app
  • Select the event of the evening (you will see this a couple hours before the event starts)
  • Scan the ticket or type in de barcode number 
  • Green means yes, red means no


For errors, questions and uncertainties. First look on this page.
Can't find what you need? Check the Stager Manual (username..... password....)

We Are Public

If our program is part of the We Are Public selection people need to bring their We Are Public card to the event. They will get a free ticket (gastenticket) and we need to scan their card with the We Are Public scanner. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because we get money for each public member.

Go to:
Login: mediamatic / wearemediamatic


Guest List

  • You can find the guest list on the stager App under “Guest List”.
  • When a guest arrives, check them in there.



  • Set up the ticketing table half an hour before the event starts and make sure everything is working.
  • Be prepared about the event for questions (what’s happening? who’s speaking/performing/..? Where are the toilets? Where to put coats? Etc.) and everything that is different at that event from others production-wise.
  • Be kind (you’re the first person people talk to at events), but also check if someone is actually a student or tries to sneak in.
  • Stay at the ticket counter half an hour after the event started for late comers, then bring everything back to where you got it.
  • You can check on the report section on stager how many tickets have been sold and scanned (but trust what you clicked with the counters/clickers more!).
  • We accept only Pin! No Cash!
  • To cancel a transaction on the pin machine press the POWER button once.