Salon 1 jan 2003

Mediamatic SuperSalon

German-Turkish Culture from Berlin

1 jan 2003

Featuring Berliner Gazette, Florian Kosak, Suat Özkan, Nezaket Ekici, Paola and Meshmet


Uitnodiging Mediamatic SuperSalon - 6 Juli 2003

At Sunday July 6th there was a salon + party, co-curated by the Berliner Gazette on German-Turkish Culture from Berlin.

Florian Kosak talked about x-berg. A project that is dedicated to demystify Kreuzberg as an area whose image is suspended between being a criminal haven for drug dealers and a run down ghetto slum. x-berg tries to correct this image by organising guided tours, leading participants to the hot spots of the area.

Suat Özkan introduced us into the world of Suattime, his own TV show for Germany's most popular German-Turkish channel TD1. With guests such as Turkish body guards, Turkish pop stars and immigrants children, he continuously explored controversial social issues.


presentatie Suat Özkan - Mediamatic SuperSalon, 1 januari 2003 Jans Possel

Nezaket Ekici showed her project Hullabelly, a performance for a Turkish woman and a hullahoop.


Hulla - July 2003 At Mediamatic Salon German- Turkish Culture


Performance during SuperSalon - SuperSalon, German-Turkish Culture from Berlin, July 6th 2003

See for more work of Nezaket:

Paola showed us how to dance Turkish belly dance.


Paola shows some belly dancing - Mediamatic SuperSalon, 1 januari 2003 Jans Possel

Cook Meshmet served delicious home made Turkish food.

About Berliner Gazette

By employing notions of community and network the digital mini-newspaper Berliner Gazette translates the cultural segment of the conventional print newspaper into the electronic context. Its unique format hence constantly shifts between openness (participation, etc.) and closure (selective information economy, etc.) thereby reaching far beyond the physical borders of Berlin. Even though the readers/contributors of the Berliner Gazette might physically be located in cities like Amsterdam, they are part of the Network Berlin of which the 1999 founded digital mini-newspaper is an essential nod.

Part of the Network Berlin is for example the Turkish community. After several generations of Turkish immigrants have made Germany their home, Turkish culture in Berlin has become an interesting bastard mix of German-Turkish stereotypes and their differences.

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