Clean Lab

The Bio Clean Lab at Mediamatic Biotoop Dijkspark offers a well-equipped workspace to facilitate the growing requirements of designers and artists who want to expand their work into biological fabrication.


The Bio Clean Lab in Dijkspark - The Bio Clean Lab stands as a separate building in Dijkspark, amidst local gardening projects and at the water's edge. Megan Bishop

The Bio Clean Lab

The Bio Clean Lab offers two areas for collaborative innovation between artists and scientists:

1. The sterile laboratory is a clean space that makes use of UV lighting, disinfectants, and a ‘sterile air laminar flow hood’, which keeps a constant stream of filtered air flowing through the lab. The clean airflow is vital for microbial work to keep out contaminants.

2. The fermentation experimentation kitchen is a controlled kitchen area designed for biological work that does not require a sterile airflow. While the work area is not part of the laminar flow system, the space is still extremely clean.

What we do here

We host a wide variety of activities in the Bio Clean Lab. For example, the ongoing Myco Insulation Brewery project, in which beer and mycelium insulation panels are created simultaneously. In this way art, design and biology are combined to create experimental bio-materials.


24-01-2014 Bio Industry Cleanlab - Werken in het Bio Clean Lab - Kasia van Universiteit Utrecht geeft instructies aan een groep toekomstige Bio Clean Laboranten. De Laminar Flow, de cabine waar Kasia op deze foto haar arm in steekt, zorgt voor een constante stroom steriele lucht. Voor het werken met micro-organismen is het namelijk van cruciaal belang om besmetting te voorkomen. De vruchtlichamen van paddo's zijn sinds 2007 illegaal in Nederland, de sporen echter niet. Tijdens deze workshop zullen we een substraat maken waarop de Psilocybine cubensis kan…

What you can do here

The Bio Clean Lab is an environment for experimenting with biological growing processes, such as fermentation, in a safe and sterile space, whilst respecting the natural environment from which they came. Fungi, yeast, micro-organisms, bacteria, and algae are all living materials that we are able to work with.

Renting of a Clean Lab workstation is divided into shifts throughout the day, so there is a rotation of co-workers and an expansion of projects and ideas. Access to the restaurant and a desk in the office are also included.

To use the Clean Lab you first need to undertake a training course with the Clean Lab manager. (Lab-trained bio-scientists will be exempt from this induction, although proof of qualifications will be required).

We are also able to accommodate group bookings for team-building exercises or to learn more about working in an art/science collaborative environment.