Stager Knowledge

All you need to know about working with Stager

Stager is the software we use for our Ticketsales, Shift - and Event planning.

In this folder you can find more information about your two different accounts (one for buying tickets and the other for seeing the schedule), creating events, templates and sending an email with Stager.

Stager main Menu:

  • Events

    Here you can find the calendar with events

  • Personnel

    Here you can find when who is on Bar-shift when or if you are on Cleaning- / Lunch-shift

  • Marketing

    Here you can look for someone's email address or phone number, send an email or add a contact

  • Reports

    Here you can find the Ticket Sales Overview

  • News

    not applicable

  • Tickets

    Here you can find Door Sales for if you do ticketing, here you can find the Guest list and add people to the Guest list, here you can find who went to an event and find their tickets under Ticket Management

  • Admin

    Here you can find all the different settings for our Stager Account, a list of all the Stager Users (max 50), Email themes, Default Tasks, Production Settings, Personnel Settings per different shift.
    Also here you can find the Event Templates, Relation Types, Project Types, Event Types, Ticket Types, Ticket Shops, Opt-Ins, Defaults, Integrations, Publication Channels, Trash Can

  • My tasks

    Here you can create your own To Do list