Kamiel Rongen, Theuntje Klazes

Mediamatic Bar Closing and opening checklists

This list is a basic guideline for opening and closing the bar-restaurant at Mediamatic.
It is important to make the bar and everything around it ready so you have more time for the costumer service. Leave your bar at the end of your shift.. how you would like to start it for the colleagues for the next day will be utmost happy when you leave them a proper and well done bar. 


Good morning! 

Please perform all the tasks on this list. If you need help please ask 

for it, instead of not doing it. 


Make sure you locked the sliding doors behind you

Get the ETEN keys out of the locker (press the code and turn the lever to open, press ON and turn it back to close.)

Leave your personal things in the dry storage.

Take enough clean towels, cloths and aprons from dry storage to the bar.

Check the toilets, use the cleaning tool in the small storage to clean the floor if necessary. Toilet paper and paper towels can be found in the dry storage. Use the green object on the ETEN key to open the toilet paper holder and the paper towel  holder. Also clean the door knob and tap.

Take the cash box, the Ipads and laptop to the bar.

Count the money in the cash box and fill in the form.

Install the Ipads and make sure they are connected to the right pin machine.

Check if the paper/glass/garbage bins outside are full. If not try and put all the leftover paper/glass/garbage in them.

Open the restaurant doors on the left and right.

Put min. 3 parasols outside (also in cloudy weather, they show people we’re open!) If it’s windy, keep them closed.

Put clean ashtrays on the tables. 

Turn on the party lights / bar lights / heackelroom lights.
(especially important on dark days.)

Put on some music in Spotify (stichtingmediamatic / 3T3N) 

Assemble and fill the cleaning sink, only use the beer cleaning soap, no washing up liquid.  

Check for food fridge k9. There should be containers with 3 types of hummus, and choco ganache. Extra stock in k2. Also empty check v4 in storage. Check breadbox for fresh bread. Empty, check v4. Check if you have enough oatmilk, soy milk etc. 

Put menu’s (pizza or menuday?) and What’s On flyers on the tables. 

Reposition and clean tables if necessary. Repositioning means the tables should be one menu holder apart from eachother and four tiles between all the tables. The tables should all be positioned as straight as possible  and with the twistable ends of the feet you can make sure they’re not wobbly. 

Put the the ice cubes out of the icecube trays into the containers in the top of v5 and refill the trays, two trays with rose petals and two without.  





If it’s cold turn on the rocket stove (see instruction movie next to the stove for how to light it!). If it’s warm open waterside door and roof windows. 

Check stager for any events and see if you need to prepare anything. 

Polish the cutlery using a towel, hot water and a splash of spiritus. Pay extra attention to the knives and sort the cutlery by big and small.

Clean the flyer station on the left side of the bar. Make sure all the mediamatic flyers are clearly visible, not overlapping etc.  

To check during your shift:

Water plants in Tuinkamer. 

Check for fruit for the smoothies, in the fridge next to bar. If there is no fruit, take down the smoothie sign on the oven. 

Restock the bar if necessary. Stock is in the small storage. 



! If you need any help on weekdays call 153/154 (office). But preferably call the barmanager. 

! In case of emergency dial 112

! Keep the bar clean and organized!

! Please leave important remarks on the back of the closing form. 

! Check all the food before serving. 

Answers to all questions about how to make drinks, deal with calls, 

delivery’s and discounts are in the barmanual.