Meduse Dancing

Phedre / Son Grand Sons / Ken Park

8 jun 2014

Meduse MagiQ #3 with:


MQ #3 -

Phèdre (CA)
The seeds for Phèdre were sown in an attic, over three late summer nights and hundreds of bottles of cheap wine. Loosely inspired by both Greek mythology (Phaedre, daughter of Minos and Pasiphë) and the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood duet "Some Velvet Morning",Phèdre is Hooded Fang’s front man Daniel Lee, bassist April Aliermo and whichever friends they kidnap for some guest appearances.

Since dropping their first record in early 2012, they have played shows with Ariel Pink and opened for Omar Souleyman. Phèdre just spent the gloomiest months of this past winter in Berlin, writing and recording their upcoming album, Golden Age.

More meduse dancing, vibes and MagiQ by:

Son Grand Sons (KR/FR/ES/NL)

Ken Park (CA)

DJ Juju

Come out for some Meduse dancemoves June 8!

Doors open: 20.30
Entree: 6€