Vol. : Final: (Def/*): ca. 1993. It's a magazine. BLINDROM v.0.9 is a fusion of Art, Mayhem and Music.

PRODUCED and created by Gerald van der Kaap. ORIGINAL music by Leo "Anemaet". VISUALS constructed, pre-produced & programmed at Kaap Kobo Amsterdam. SOUND produced arranged and created by Leo "Anemaet".


BLINDROM ™ v. 0.9 140 Mb/ Boot Slam Start Up Manager: texts by Juan de la Cruz, Jacob Groot, Gerald van der Kaap.

[HOME} Left voice by Kaapmens. Right voice by Nat Finkelstein. Fuck against Aids by Spurt Hypnotisers. Krieg pics, Blackhole device and Memory extension device by Gerald van der Kaap.

[HOMEGIRLS} Indian journey by Desiree Dolron. Masks by Linda van Deursen. Monhooq by Isabella Z.

[CHANNEL 1} E-Man animated by Micha Klein.

[CHANNEL 2} Reconstruct(1.0) by Joan Heemskerk. Brain 5.1 (Fuji Hoverty) by Gerald van der Kaap.

[CHANNEL 3} (THE MOVIE CHANNEL) The Leader by Anonymous. Diarrhoea received thru cable. Climbing Fujiyama by Leo "Anemaet". Face to Face by Paul Groot. No Chill Cave. CALLS at grey dots.

Hakken! Anders hak ik je kop eraf! Three songs by Herman Gorter. Delivered by Jacob Groot. Check for moving secret button. Dirty Psychosis Dikko by PP & ST: Bloody Cow .

[THE LIBRARY} The Chalkwhite Child. The Electronic Book. Produced and created by Paul Groot. Powerbook compatible.

[DUTCH HITLER DEVICE™} Performed by Pochi.

[ADVERTISERS' INDEX} ST Disco 93 : Fridays at Roxy's Amsterdam> Home. Mediamatic Interactive> Not Blind (External Alias)
[THANK YOU} Willem Velthoven /Mari Soppela /Chris Remie < Eggroll ('LOEMPIA') Ordering Auto-Dialer> + : ALL at Mediamatic. Oscar . Mediamatic for hard- & soft-shareware. Voyager Company for their GoCodes / 2. BRAIN (Total Hoverty) */ Music produced & arranged by Leo "Anemaet". Text by juan de la Cruz. Voice of Jacob Groot. 3D-Rework by Henri Kawahara. /

3. BRAIN (Fix) */ Music produced & arranged by leo "Anemaet". Text by Gerald van der Kaap & Hiroo Yamagata. Voices of Yukiko Shikata & Yukitero Nanase. / 4. BOOT SLAM */ Music produced & arranged by Leo "Anemaet". Sire&#8230; Syringe&#8230;Syrinx&#8230;Sister&#8230;Secret Night&#8230;Die Into Me&#8230; Bootslam Me Tonight.

BLINDROM™ O.9 The Prototype Play this our you'll die.