Ace of Base


Originally known as Tech Noir, the Swedish pop foursome Ace of Base consists of vocalists Jenny and Malin Berggren, keyboardist Jonas Berggren and songwriter/keyboardist Ulf Ekberg.


The quarted started gigging at local clubs in 1990 and by 1992, their single Wheel of Fortune had become a hit in Scandinavia, leading to a contract with German-based Metronome Records. With Arista Records distributing and MTV exposing, Ace of Base became a household name in the United States when they released 1993's smash success The sign, All that she wants and Don't turn around. Ultimately, the group sold over eight million copies of The sign in America alone.

1995 saw the release of their second album, The bridge. Following in the tradition of their super-platinum debut, The bridge went platinum only six months after its premier. In 1998 Ace of Base released Cruel summer, featuring a reworking of the 1980 Bananarama hit.

Ace Of Base Discography