Dream Diary

in the Mediamatic Supermarkt

22 nov 2002

a performance by Natasha Asmanidou, Voin de Voin, Tania Theodorou, Karin and Angelos Bratis.


Angelo Bratis performance -

At the opening of the exhibition Follicle / why does it feel so good sometimes when things aren't completely finished '' the young fashion designer Angelos Bratis treated us to a performance in which one of the performers was reading poems by C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933):


''I've looked on beauty so much

that my vision overflows with it.

The body's lines. Red lips. Sensual limbs.

Hair as though stolen from Greek statues,

always lovely, ever uncombed,

and falling slightly over pale foreheads.

Figures of love, as my poetry desired them

.... in the nights when I was young.''


Performance by Angelo Bratis -


''I got bored looking at the stage

and raised my eye to the box circle.

In one of the boxes I saw you

with your strange beauty, you dissolute youthfulness.

My thoughts turned back at once

to all they'd told me about that afternoon;

my mind and body were aroused.

And as I gazed enthralled

at your languid beauty, your languid youthfulness,

your tastefully discriminating dress,

in my imagination I kept picturing you

the way they'd talked about you that afternoon.''


Performance by Angelo Bratis -


''I sit in a mood of reverie.

I broughtto Art desires and sensations:

things half-glimpsed,

faces or lines, certain indistinct memories

of unfulfilled love affairs. Let me submit to Art:

Art knows how to shape forms of Beauty,

almost imperceptibly completing life,

blending impressions, blending day with day.''


''Body, remember not only how much you were loved,

not only the beds you lay on,

but also those desires that glowed openly

in eyes that looked at you,

trembled for you in the voices -

only some chance obstacle frustrated them.

Now that it's all finally in the past,

it seems almost as if you gave yourself

to those desires too - how they glowed,

remember, in eyes that looked at you,

remember, body, how they trembled for you in those voices.''


Performance by Angelo Bratis @ Mediamatic Supermarkt -


''One monotonous day follows another

equally monotonous. The same things

will happen again, and then will happen again,

the same moments will come and go.

A month passes by and brings another month.

Easy to guess what lies ahead:

all of yesterday's boredom.

And tomorrow ends up no longer like tomorrow.''


Performance by Angelo Bratis @ Mediamatic Supermarkt -