Smart Project Space

Retriever: Voiceoverhead and Guests at Smart Project Space

29 feb 2008

"Retriever" is an evening of performances in the framework of the exhibition "voiceoverhead"´ by Achim Lengerer & Dani Gal, featuring several guests. In their collaborative practice Lengerer & Gal deal with audio-acoustics and storage mediums used for acoustic material. Their core interests are audio-recordings, particularly of language, spoken word and speech, original footage taken from radio-broadcastings or other archives.



Their work found its multiple form in the project "voiceoverhead" which is rooted in a record collection of approximately 350 records, including footage documenting political speeches and language orientated radio-programs covering historical events. Lengerer & Gal developed the idea for "voiceoverhead" in order to locate the their artistic practice within a broader context by including the work of other artists, filmmakers and musicians working with archived language materials in multiple ways and diverging modes.

Divisions exist in these cultural fields: electronic music that is entrenched in elements of language and radio-sounds, as well as visual artists, filmmakers and documentarians who focus their work in this area. These cultural fields are conceptually and practically applying different approaches to the given speech material: differences in working and presentation methods, as well as differences in distribution and public reception. "voiceoverhead"´ presents, confronts
and merges the approaches applied in these diverse cultural productions in the exhibition and in the upcoming evening of sound performances.

During the evening Guy-Marc Hinant from the Belgian label Subrosa will give a talk on Subrosa´s distribution and editing methods and perform a live-set.
British designer and author Will Holder will host and present as a "publisher" the record collection of Czech/British visual artist Pavel Büchler. Casper Cordes work "axes"´ is shown in the exhibition; he will give an introduction on how he generated musical notations and composition from spoken speech/language and will perform together with Ellen Ugelvik "axes- live" on piano and electronics.The Spanish-German duo Discoteca Flaming Star uses popular culture for their performative set-ups by incorporating elements like costumes and banners in their musically and verbally highly referential stage-performances. Achim Lengerer & Dani Gal will perform as "voiceoverhead"´ with parts of the record collection displayed in the show.