Eric Holm

Interactive media designer


The Gyro game in action - Gyro game demo

Before I got into the field of Interactive Media I studied graphic design. This was interesting but I felt I missed the interactive element. I decided to study ‘Interactive Media’ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During that study I experimented with a lot of different technologies, and I tried to do things in a different way.

My graduation project was called ‘Physical computing with Arduino’. The main goal was to set up a practical workshop for students. Besides setting up that workshop, I also developed a product with the Arduino. The products aim was to inspire students for physical computing and to show the possibilities of the Arduino microcontroller. The final prototype is a game called ‘Gyro’, which is a two player game where you can control a spaceship with a Powerball.

After doing some freelance design and development work during my study, I’m now co-owner of Kimogo, a company which is specialized in interactive concepts, on- and offline. We think, together with other creatives, about how to improve there idea's with interactivity and innovative use of technology. We have created logo’s, interactive installations, games and websites.

I really like to combine design and (new) technology with a conceptual idea.

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