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2008 Calendar - 2008 Calendar

2008 Calendar

Let's face it, you've got a problem. If you're a typical Swap Meat fan, chances are you have at least 20 dustbunny-covered shipping tubes stacked under your bed, each containing one or more lovingly designed and screenprinted posters featuring your favorite bands, craft shows, book fairs, or roller derby events, and you'll never get them framed. You can't resist the lure of ink on paper, and somewhere in your head you've justified your addiction with the argument that "someday they'll be worth something." And they very likely will be. But they're not happy there, in their tubes. You want to hang them up, but you can't give them the lavish frame they deserve, and you wouldn't dare stick four pushpins through your "investments." Well, here's your chance to break the cycle. The price is right, and you have three hundred and sixty six days (it's a leap year! David seems to have forgotten the 29th, but March starts on a Friday so all is well) to hang this baby up before it's rendered obsolete. Or "even more collectible," if that's how you swing. The best part: You look at it and see "DIY Rock-show," your mother just sees "Victorian floral print." Everybody wins.

Swap Meat Exclusive: Available For Purchase
Limited edition of 50 hand-screenprinted calendars, 19x19" in two colors on 100# French Spearmint cover. Signed and numbered by the artist. Shipped in a tube.