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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Feeding The Bees

Love your urban pollinators!

We all benefit from bees, but what can we do in return? How can we make Amsterdam a bee-friendly city? Thanks to extensive collaboration between city planners, gardeners, beekeepers and the local government there has been already a 20 % increase in wild bee species within the city of Amsterdam. Y...

Workshop: The Magic of Mushroom Growing

Learn about new Bio-Materials and how to grow Psilocybe Cubensis.

Fungi will play a key role in the future. As source of great food, but more importantly as a source of new bio-materials. In this workshop we will teach you how to grow and cultivate the Psilocybe Cubensis. In our cleanroom you will learn the magic of mushroom growing and how to germinate spores ...

CaCO3, Botanica and Coleoptera

Biotalk: 3D Printing with organic matter

What are the alternatives for an oil-based mass production era? If we take a closer look at nature there are many qualities in organisms that can be applied to new production methods and material development. Formafantasma does just this, using for instance the excrements of insects (Shellac) to ...

  • Botanica project by Formafantasma - 

    More than two centuries ago, plants came to be categorized for their secretions, as a potential raw material. The objects displayed in the Botanica collection are designed as if the oil-based era, in which we are living, never took place.

Alcoholics, Algae and Pigs

Bierberaad: Beer tastings and stories

From green super algae to fodder. At tonights Bierberaad we will take a close look at the raw ingredients, waste and unusual histories of beer and their breweries. With Fodder Talk by Kai Kikkers (DuynieBeuker), Prison Beers by Arwen en Matthijs Ronner (Maallust and De Jongens Ronner), Corny Beer...

Schilderen met levende beestjes.

Workshop voor kinderen en ouders

Wist je dat je met vieze beestjes ook hele mooie dingen kunt maken? Tijdens de Workshop: Schilderen met Levende Beestjes gaan we kweken, tekenen, spelen en schilderen met... Bacteriën! Samen met je ouders, vriendjes en vriendinnetjes duik je ons laboratorium in en maak je een eigen levend schild...

Rhythm of life

Biotalk with Thought Collider, Martijn Engelbregt & Teresa van Dongen

Listen to your body. Literally. Did you know that our bodies transmit electro-chemical messages that form a different rhythm for every individual? Or that your pee is not just waste but a great indicator of your health? At tonights Biotalk we will take control of our own bodily functions and expl...

  • Fluid Analyser by Mike Thompson & Susana Cámara Leret - 

    Mass Spectrometry is an analytical technique used to determine the mass of particles, such as the metabolites present in urine. Currently spectrometers are being developed to fit in the palm of your hand and within the next 10-15 years such technology will become cheap and compact enough for consumer use in the home. The Fluid Analyser speculates how such a home Mass Spectrometer may function, the daily collection and analysis of both urine and saliva, feeding fresh data, wirelessly into the Metabolic Painting.

Does your beer taste like burned rubber? When it comes to the act of tasting beer you don’t have to be a pro to distinguish between different flavours. All you need is some expert guidance, a curious mind and a fair pair of taste buds. Tonight we will put our senses to the test. Join our beer ...

Workshop: grow your own oyster mushrooms

Turn your waste into mushrooms

This workshop is sold out! The next one is 28 February

Why buy mushrooms when it is so easy to grow them? This workshop explains the ins and outs of mushroom cultivation at home. You will learn how to...

Shrinking offices, virtual fashion, rainbows

Ignite: ideas, obsessions and talks

It's time for the first Ignite of the year, and the first Ignite on our new location. The 12 speakers of January's Ignite will give a 5-minute talk about digital fashion, colours of mycelium, shrinking offices, corner frames and more. Food at 19:00, the first speaker will kick off at 20:00. Buy y...


Biotalk with Bart Vandeput and Katharina Unger

What if we could eat from our own waste? Would you dare to eat plastic eating fungi, or would you rather try a digestible solar cell? At Biotalk: Digestopians, we look into the future of food and comestible experiences with artist Bart Vandeput, a.k.a. Bartaku, and designer Katharina Unger from L...

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