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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog

Take Care of Your Waste

Zuursalon with: Sasker Scheerder, Simone Vos, Gjalt Jan Feersma Hoekstra and Meneer Wateetons

The estimated global foodwastage is at 1.6 billion tonnes per year. 1.3 billion tonnes of that wastage was still edible when thrown away.... Let's change this discours, reduce our footprint and learn how to take care of our waste. During this edition of Zuursalon we will look into reusing salted ...

Materialisation in Art and Design

by Sandberg Institute Amsterdam

Ten students from the master department ‘Materialisation in Art and Design’ (MAD) at the Sandberg Institute will share, reflect and perform their work. MAD challenges the conventional hierarchy between ‘concept’ and ‘making’ and ‘content’ and ‘process’ by making the material e...

Food Futurism

Odorama: with Marije Vogelzang, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Dr. Sanne Boesveldt, Karin Post, Caro Verbeek

If it is true that people ‘think, dream and act according to what they eat and drink’, one should also say that this is true for what they smell. After all, it is our olfaction that guides most of our eating experiences. With the experimentalist ‘Futurist Cookbook’ in mind, we will take a...

  • Contatto by Giulia Soldati - 

    Contatto is a new culinary culture that advocates a change in the current culture of food, challenging the existing one, which neglects essential sensorial experiences. Contatto provides a new approach to the materiality of food, proposing new ways of preparing and consuming food.


Dust Particles

What does dust actually consist of?
An accumlulation of human and animal cells, ashes, hair, soot, mold, fibers, pollen? Artist Pavèl van Houten sees value in non-valuable things and places dust on a pedestal. Within this project he collects and compares the compositions of different ...

Biotalk: Collectors and Gatherers

Xandra van der Eijk, Pavèl van Houten, Arjanne Bode

This edition of Biotalk we will take the position of the artist as gatherer. The modern day bio-scavenger who conduct his research onsite and meticulously browses his environment for unique properties and versatility. What can be found in the cracks of old Amsterdam buildings, the volcanic areas ...

  • Mining Salt - 

    Xandra van der Eijk looks into the color changing abilities of some extremophile bacteria.

Koji: the (fungi)culture behind Asian Ferments

Zuursalon with: Jasper Swierstra, Alice de Jong, Simon Hofstra and Meneer Wateetons

In Mediamatic’s Bio Clean Lab we use fungus to grow new bio-materials, but in many food production systems molds are used to re-design ingredients and alter flavours. The Koji, or Aspergillus oryzae, is a filamentous fungus responsible for many of the alterations in the Chinese and East Asian c...

  • still from moyashimon - 

    Moyashimon is a animation series starting many micro-organisms. One of the main fungis is Oryzae! Better known as aspergillus oryzae.

Don't wash yourself

and visit Mediamatic during the Museumnacht

Mediamatic is part of Museumnacht 2016. Visit our Biotoop in central Amsterdam to explore our art installations in the dark. Get ready to pee in an artwork, forget about tinder at our smell-dating service and have a drink - or two - at Mediamatic ETEN. See you there!

The body odour edition

Odorama with: Claudia Mannigel, Jasper de Groot, Marit Mihklepp, Caro Verbeek

Without us even being aware our bodies silently communicate with each other. We can communicate through our body odours, pheromones and even with odorless molecules. We transmit information about fertility, gender, age and - according the latest research - our emotional state as well. However, th...

Dear Lovers, Broken-Hearted, and Affection-Seekers,

You are all equally welcome to join this emotional journey. Northern German singer-songwriter Délage will guide us in fast forward through the rollercoaster called love...


Adorning the Internal

Biotalk with Isaac Monté, Toby Kiers and Mandy den Elzen

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we are all squishy and messy on the inside, aren't we? In this edition of Biotalk we will listen to two visual artists who challenge that perception. Whether it is appreciating the beauty that is already inside, or the possibility to decorate our innards,...

  • Salmon Gil - 

    This beautiful part of the salmon will be preserved by artist Mandy den Elzen.

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