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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Eat At Your Own Risk

Cheese, kimchi, bread, beer, yoghurt, sausage, tempeh, trassi, sauerkraut... All these amazing products owe their unique taste to living and growing micro-organisms.
Disgusting? We don't think so! At Fermentology! You can find the most delicious fermented products of this day and age. Because, lets be honest, all the good stuff comes from fermentation.

Fermentology! is a new initiative by the NeighbourFood Market and Mediamatic. The first edition will take place on Saturday 20 september, from 12.00 – 22.00 in and around the Mediamatic Fabriek.

  • Fermentology! - 

    Fermentology food market banner

  • What’s there to do?

    During Fermentology! you cannot only taste, but also learn, experience and see. There will be a workshop growing your own Magic Mushrooms, traditional preparing of sauerkraut, making sourdough bread en there will be short presentations from the different participants and brewers. Next to all of this you can take a stroll through the beautiful 19th century Van Gendthallen and take a look at the Kunstformen der Natur exhibition.

    With a.o.: Meeste...

    Posted by: Jans Possel, 20 Sep 2014,0:08
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Bier Beraad!

Tasting and presentations on wild yeasts and other tastemakers

Curious about what's brewing in your beer? Come taste, listen, learn and look at extraordinary beer design at Bier Beraad! during Bio-me. This symposium on beer design goes further than pretty colours and hip labels. One of the most important tastemakers in your beer happens to be a living organism: yeast.

To buy your ticket now, click the 'buy ticket' button in the top left corner.

  • Henriette Waal's Buitenbrouwerij (Outside brewery) - 

    De Buitenbrouwerij is a mobile beer brewery by Henriette Waal, seen here in Tilburg in 2009. More information about the brewery here.

  • Note: this event will be in Dutch

    Henriette Waal, beer curator

    This event's beer curator, herself a wild yeast enthusiast. In 2009, Henriëtte founded the Buitenbrouwerij (outside brewery), a mobile brewery that produces local beer, using local ingredients, with the help of locals. She's also behind Halbe beer, an idealist beer brand for the arts. For Bio-me only, she will bring her newest recipe: Oyster beer, brewed on Vlieland, using salt water!

    Sander Kobes, Oersoep brewery

    Sander is a wild yeast hunter, brew master and co-founder of Oersoep brewery in Nijmegen. Oersoep likes brewing layere...

    Posted by: Rosalie Bak, 19 Sep 2014,13:09

Nothing tastes better than fungus

A Sausage experiment with Brandt&Levie

Did you know that the taste of a sausage is determined by its surroundings? Together with Brandt&Levie we have started a new, four-week-long experiment of sausage fermentation. 7 Organizations are competing to become the best tasting place of Amsterdam. Who will win this fungal challenge? Waag Society, Vice, Vuurtoren Eiland, Mediamatic, KesselsKramer, Brandt&Levie or Keuringsdienst van Waarde? Find out during Bio-me and join the unofficial comparative tasting at the opening of Kunstformen Der Natur on September 18th, 20:30.

  • Sausage experiments and disco balls - 

    Sausages drying in the air as part of an experiment in collaboration with Brandt&Levie

  • What?!

    7 Different cultural locations in Amsterdam are competing in a fermentation competition with sausages from Brandt & Levie. You might not know it, but a sausage develops it's flavors because of fermentation: its interaction with local natural flora of micro-organisms on the spot. Every location received a package of sausages to be hung in their location. After a period of four weeks we will remove them and see what the difference is in taste, colour and consistency. The participating locations are: Brandt & Levie, Vice Magazine, Waag Society, KesselsKramer, Vuurtoreneiland, Keuringsdienst van Waarde and Mediamatic....

    Posted by: Jans Possel, 12 Sep 2014,11:59
Tibor Bijl 2  

Henriette Waal, beer woman in a man's world.

Interview with the beer curator for Bio-me

Henriette Waal (1982), who graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy, ‘Man and Public Space’ department, is an artist and designer - but also a beer brewer. She’s beer curator for Mediamatic’s Bio-me programme, and puts together the programme for ‘Bier Beraad’. This part of the festival focuses on yeasts, fermentation, bacterial cultures and brewing beer.

  • You studied at the Eindhoven Design Academy first, now you’re a beer brewer. How did that come about?

    I studied at the Design Academy, ‘Man and Public Space’. And I studied at the Sandberg Institute. Six years ago I was asked to work on a project on the edge of Tilburg, at an old water purification plant. The idea was to make it into a national park. This is where I came up with the idea of the Buitenbrouwerij (Outside Brewery), because brewing beer is a way to purify water. Apparently, there were a lot of beer brewing hobbyists living around the plant, brewing in sheds and garages. I involved them in the p...

    Posted by: Rosalie Bak, 29 Aug 2014,13:01
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