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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog:
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the Honours Fashion Show

On August 22, 11 of the most talented students of the AMFI, will show each a small collection in Mediamatic. The show starts at 19.30. You can buy a ticket (5 euro) at the door.

  • HNRS 14 - 

    the Honours Fashion Show 2014, AMFI

  • HRNS program

    The show is part of the honours programs of the AMFI. This is a special program where 11 students are selected because of their outstanding study results. These students travel to Paris under a stylist's guide, to see all the fashios shows in order to get inspired. Back in Amsterdam, they design a small collection and present it. This time they choose to show their work at Mediamatic.

    More information

    HRNS 14 will take place at Mediamatic, VOC-Kade 10, Amsterdam on Friday August 22. Entrance fee is €5 (free for Mediamatic members). You can only buy tickets at the door. Doors are open at 19.00, sh...

    Posted by: Jans Possel, 15 Aug 2014,10:43

The current Russian boycott brings back memories. Two years ago, The Netherlands was stuck with a big overload of onions. To prevent them from rotting or being trashed, Mediamatic rescued a quarter of a million onions from Jo Flens, a farmer form Texel.

Do we need another Onion Fest? We can only urge you to start eating those Dutch vegetables and hope that there won't be any vegetables left to save!


Magic Mushroom Workshop Bio-me

Mushrooms are magic. Grow your own!

Fungi will play a key role in the future. Also they are a lot of fun. We are hosting workshops to get to know this promising organic substance. In our cleanroom you will learn about the spores of the psilocybe cubensis, about its mycelium (the roots) and grow your own magic mushrooms.

  • The psilocybe cubensis is a mushroom that is relatively easy to grow. During this workshop, we will make a substrate for the mushrooms to grow on. This substrate will be infected with spores in our Cleanroom. The Cleanroom is a sterile space, that prevents other spores and bacteria to contaminate the substrate. Participants can take the infected substrate home, where it will turn into mycelium and eventually in mushrooms , after 2 to 4 weeks. You will receive a handout that explains exactly what to do with the substrate at home.

    More information

    This workshop will take place at Mediamatic Fabriek (VOC-Kade, 10, Amsterdam...

    Posted by: Deborah Meibergen, 6 Aug 2014,12:58

The Future of Plastic

An exhibition by Maurizio Montalti

Maurizio Montalti, partner of our Myco Design Lab, just opened his solo exhibition called "The Future of Plastic" in Naples. The exhibition will present some of the latest research and grown products, developed within Officina Corpuscoli’s project The Growing Lab, where fungal mycelia are implemented for the constitution of new materials and the resulting applications.

  • The Future of Plastic exhibition by Maurizio Montalti - overview shot - 

    Capture of the installation and products by Maurizio Montalti, as part of the exhibition: The Future of Plastic. commissioned by Fondazione PLART (Napoli) and curated by Marco Petroni.

  • The Future of Plastic purposes a radical paradigm shift, offering a different insight into the objects occupying our everyday life. By moving beyond traditional production methods, a new universe of cultivated objects starts to emerge, outlining possible, tangible alternatives and potentially different futures, in which plastics exist as a completely natural material.

    More info can be found on Maurizio's website

    Maurizio will also participate in our BIO ME festiv...

    Posted by: Rosalie Bak, 25 Jul 2014,12:15
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