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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Mushrooms are taking over the Dutch media

“Scientists, designers and dreamers are working on a revolution”.

For the last couple of months Motherboard, the technological arm of Vice have been on board to interview designers, scientists and mycelium experts about their work with fungi. The result is Schimmels....

Printing Algae, Fungi and Contaminations

Biotalk with Studio Blond&Bieber, Tessa Kuipers, Tamara Hoogeweegen, Nienke Hoogvliet

What happens if we use micro-organisms for printing? Currently new sustainable materials in fashion are being researched. But also the aesthetic and creative potential is being explored. Can you use the beautiful colors that fungi create? What if you use algae for textile printing? And is there b...

Reinventing Craftmanship

Bierberaad 08: Ramses Snoeij, Zeger Reyers, Etienne Vermeulen, Arnd Marijnissen, Cinema Brewers, Derek Walsh

As the microbrew movement grows, craft brewers are looking into new methods and better brewing techniques. Etienne Vermeulen, master brewer of Kaapse Brouwers will explain how he creates his wood aged beers. Brewer and biologist Ramses Snoeij demonstrates his infusion invention: The Beerhopper. A...

Using Urine in Smarter Ways

Pis’talk 1: Hugo Cortial, André Marques Arsénio and Janna Coomans

You never really get to talk about piss, do you? Well, at Mediamatic, we do. Kicking off the first Pis’talk, a series of lectures that explore urine in a broad cultural and contextual sense. The speakers of the evening will dive into the history of urban sanitation, as well as explore urine as ...

Workshop: Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms

Turn your waste into food and new bio-materials

It is said that the mushroom, and especially Mycelium has the potential to replace all sorts of (harmful) materials like plastics and batteries. Here at Mediamatic we are interested in the cultural and artistic implications of this 'new' bio-material and invite you to start exploring yourself. Du...

Workshop: Brew your own sixpack

Start your own home-brewery

With over 250 micro-breweries in the Netherlands alone, and these numbers quickly rising, we seem to be entering another golden age of brewing. What unites these independent breweries is the fact that most of them started their business in their own homes and kitchens. And now you can do the same...

Shaping Micro-Organisms

Biotalk 10: Fabai Wu, Moyashimon and Kamiel Rongen

How do microbes move around? What if you shape them, can you trace their behavior? This Biotalk is all about the movement of micro-organisms and visualizing this in both animations and real life camera shots. We will talk microscopic geometric forms with Fabai Wu, the Japanese anime series Moyash...

Beer, Brett and Braumeisters

Bierberaad 07: Stephen Grigg, Aafje Sierksma, Zowie Jannink, Simon Buijs & Henriëtte Waal

When it comes to the art of beerbrewing, do you trust your gut feeling or do you rely on science? Together with our beer curator Henriette Waal we’ll discuss brett yeast strains and Braumeister brew equipment, (un)healthy beer prejudices, take a closer look at hop-differentiation, get a Japanes...

Feeding The Bees

Love your urban pollinators!

Food from 18:30 / Talks from 20:00. We all benefit from bees, but what can we do in return? How can we make Amsterdam a bee-friendly city? Thanks to extensive collaboration between city planners, gardeners, beekeepers and the local government there has been already a 20 % increase in wild bee spe...

Workshop: The Magic of Mushroom Growing

Learn about new Bio-Materials and how to grow Psilocybe Cubensis.

Fungi will play a key role in the future. As source of great food, but more importantly as a source of new bio-materials. In this workshop we will teach you how to grow and cultivate the Psilocybe Cubensis. In our cleanroom you will learn the magic of mushroom growing and how to germinate spores ...

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