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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

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Mediamatic Blog:

Kunstformen Finissage

Let the demontage begin!

On Sunday November 23rd we open up the Kunstformen Der Natur exhibition for one final day. Not only will this be your last chance to visit the extraordinary exhibition, but during this festive demontage you can actually take the exhibition home! For only 20 euro's (or less!) you can buy ...

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Ignite: ugly houses, bees, sensational stimulations

and 9 other ideas, obsessions and stories

Join us for twelve hearty ideas that will guaranteed stimulate your imagination. This month's Ignite Amsterdam features food porn, modern beekeeping and vegan make-up. Food at 19:00, the first speaker will kick-off at 20:00. Get your tickets online to save a few euros.

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Workshop: Aquaponics

Build an aquaponics system

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. The best way to produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. The fish poo feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. Not a drop is wasted. If you'd like ...

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Quantum transportation and vintage Fly

Weird Science with Tim Taminiau

If you could teleport today, where would you go?
It might seem far fetched, but in this day and age teleportation is a serious topic of research instead of speculation. In fact, researchers at the Quantum Transport Team from the TU Delft successfully teleported quantum information across a ...

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