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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Shrinking offices, virtual fashion, rainbows

Ignite: ideas, obsessions and talks

It's time for the first Ignite of the year, and the first Ignite on our new location. The 12 speakers of January's Ignite will give a 5-minute talk about digital fashion, colours of mycelium, shrinking offices, corner frames and more. Food at 19:00, the first speaker will kick off at 20:00. Buy y...


Biotalk with Bart Vandeput and Katharina Unger

What if we could eat from our own waste? Would you dare to eat plastic eating fungi, or would you rather try a digestible solar cell? At Biotalk: Digestopians, we look into the future of food and comestible experiences with artist Bart Vandeput, a.k.a. Bartaku, and designer Katharina Unger from L...

Bierberaad talks beer, yeasts, flavors and fermentation. From big beers and fancy processes to fanatical hobby brewers and their concoctions. This edition we invite you for a beer questionnaire with Heineken's Global Head Brewer Willem van Waesberghe. Does his beer-ideology differ from hobby brew...

Hard Hat New Years reception

Cheers to the Biotoop!

On December 1 2014, Mediamatic moved to their new location at Dijksgracht 6. Here, on this great terrain near the waterside (within walking distance from Central Station!), we will start with the realization of Biotoop Dijksgracht and continue and intensify our focus on all that is designed with ...

Kunstformen For Sale!

Posters and shirts available

Brighten up your walls and wardrobe with Kunstformen Der Natur from german biologist Ernst Haeckel. From Radiolaria to jellyfish, in black and white or brightly colored. All 100 large scale posters (207x241), previously shown in the Kunstfor...

Desks for rent!

Bio-Designers and Life Science Artists unite.

Be part of Biotoop Dijksgracht and rent a desk in our collaborative bio-lab. There will be a test-kitchen, brewery, cleanroom, fermentology restaurant, bio-art supplier store, waterside terrace with harbor, public garden, meeting room and exhibition space. You will get your own desk with cabinet,...

Mediamatic has moved!

to Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

As of December 1st, Mediamatic moved to their new location on Dijksgracht 6. On this beautiful spot near the waterside (within walking distance from Central Station!) we will continue and intensify our focus on all that is designed with living organisms.

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. It might be the best way to produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. The fish poo feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. Not a drop is wasted. ...

Kunstformen Finissage

Haeckel, evolution and human-animal hybrids

On Sunday November 23rd we opened up the Kunstformen Der Natur exhibition for one final day. Not only was this your last chance to visit the extraordinary exhibition but we also invited Constance Sommerey and Koen Beumer talk about Haeckel, evolution and human-animal hybrids. (Did you know that i...

No Wednesday, but a Friday night this month. We will warm you up for the weekend with twelve inspiring ideas, projects or obsessions. From landscapes and 3D printed prosthesis to transcendental humanism. Dinner at 19:00, the first speaker will kick off at 20:00.

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