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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Workshop: brouw je eigen bier

leer fermenteren en smaak maken

Water, hop, graan en gist zijn de enige ingrediënten die je nodig hebt om een biertje te brouwen, maar in de variatie en toevoegingen zijn er eindeloze mogelijkheden. Mediamatic onderzoekt radicaal bier ontwerp en experimenteert in onze eigen micro brouwerij. Deze brouw workshop is voor de (ook ...

  • The stout and grains try to escape the pot, during the cooking phase in the brew your own 6 pack workshop with Simon, May 2015


Olfactory art and other smelly businesses

Whether derived from nature, or chemically constructed, odourant molecules have the ability to profoundly effect our behaviour, emotions and associations. At Odorama we’ll actively engage with our senses and explore everything that reaches and effects the nose. We will consider olfactory histo...

  • Eau de Cocao - 

    Peter de Cupere paired up with BOON - The Chocolate Experience to create "Eau de Cacoa". An edible perfume that can be sprayed on the skin!

Urine matters and materials

Pis' Talk 3: Kamiel Rongen, Anne Vaandrager, Ruben Verwaal, Michelle Hammerton

After an evening on smart recycling of urine and another on public urination, the speakers of this third Pis' Talk focused on the materialism of the golden fluid: they highlighted how pee as a material was and still can be used to shape leather, carry out scientific research, create dreamlike aud...

  • Molded leather by Anne Vaandrager - 

    With this Reality Tank project, traditional leather tanning has been approached in a new, innovative and unconventional way. Through the intuitive approach of Anne Vaandrager in combination with ECCO Leather’s expertise, it has been proved that traditional materials can be transformed in a new and experimental context.

Form follows organism

Biotalk with Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt, Emma van der Leest

What are the social, cultural en technological implications of new bio-based materials? And what possibilities do they offer for artists, designers, engineers, architects, scientists, farmers and chefs? Find out at Biotalk, a monthly lecture series with leading figures in the field of Bio Art, Sc...

  • Microbial Skin by Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt - 

    This is my microbial skin grower. Inside it lives a micro organism, when you feed it, it creates a microbial cellulose structure. The project is a part of "living art - live art", a collaboration between artscience students and Wetlab Waag Society, Amsterdam 2014.

Zwam Beer Ferment Oog Aroma Culture

Opening Dijkspark and Mediamatic

After months of preparations the Dijkspark and Mediamatic Biotoop are finally ready to be opened. We hope to see you there for a day filled with living art, pee installations, tours, drinks, graphic design, the first test voyages of Rederij Lampedusa and music by Berndsen, Samaris, M-Band and Goo...

Schimmel Sex Water Art Ei Zaaien Lab

Opening - Kamiel Rongen, Zeger Reyers, Teun Castelein, Jasmin Moeller, Masha Ru

When does the clean cross into the dirty? And what happens when you allow (micro)-organisms and waste product to (re)form an installation? On Friday, September 11th, we invite you to the unveiling of Pis, Hard Water en Gelukszoekers. Including new works by Zeger Reyers, and Kamiel Rongen, as well...

Public Insight: Twijfel Zaaien

Exclusive for members of We Are Public

Who's Jasmin? What's up with these 30 questions? And what's that Dijkspark everyone is talking about? Meet the makers of Twijfel Zaaien: the public art install...

The traditional Wood-Fired Clay Ovens are made from raw natural ingredients like straw and leem; a combination of sand and clay. This material is environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, easy to shape and non-toxic: a perfect fit for an oven. In this workshop we will join forces and con...

Raising Doubts

Do you live your dream? Help with the creation of a flower infographic.

Are you fundamentally lonely? Do you break taboos? Join us and start Raising Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) in Amsterdam's newest hotspot: Dijkspark. Thirty questions about life and art lead you along the green walkway. You answer these questions by sowing flowerseeds. This way your answers will grow ou...

Pissing in Public

Pis’talk 2: Christian Pagh, Theo Brandwijk, Thought Collider, FUD test and more...

Pis’talk is a series of lectures that explore urine in a very broad cultural sense. The speakers of the evening will dive into the process of designing and painting with urine in mind (and body), as well as explore urine as an archival and revealing human physical narrative. Think we’re just ...

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