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Evelyn Austin

text - programmer - researcher

Allround text and content, translator, cultural programmer and researcher.


I am a contributing editor and translator for Kunstlicht, an academic journal for visual art, visual culture and architecture.


I organise the Alfred Russell Wallace Lectures (art + science) and the monthly concert series My Boyfriend's Garage at Cafe De Ruimte in Amsterdam Noord.

Text, content, communications

Rwanda 20 Years, De hartslag van een bos @ Oerol 2014.


American-Cajun-Mexican Soulfood cooking and writing. <3 vegetables <3

Ignite Amsterdam

At Mediamatic, I programmed and presented the monthly Ignite Amsterdam events from the start of the series in 2010 until 2014.

Kingdom of the Netherlands

The international project "Can one take the top of(f) a mountain?" concerned the dissolving of the Netherlands Antilles. When this happened (10-10-10), the highest point of the Netherlands shifted from Vaalserberg in Limburg to Mount Scenery on Saba. This touches on issues such as national identity, language, future government, and community. We made a documentary and organized lectures and debates. This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Comité Koninkrijksrelaties. Visit


Saul Bellow, Martin Amis, Bernard Malamud, Paul Auster, Willem Elsschot. Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Adrienne Rich and Vladimir Mayakovsky.


Richard Peel, Jason, Jeffrey Brown, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Art Spiegelman.


I hosted an online radio that aimed to unite kindred spirits and provide a platform for producers, labels and musicians in/from Holland. Started on, and continued on Featuring monthly contributions by, among others, Narrominded, The Daisy Age, Katzwijm, More Thee Vicar? and Test Tone.

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Re: Interesse

geïnteresseerd zijn in, betekent dat r&R toegevoegd zijn aan je fanlijst?

Jazeker! Goed tafgelgezelschap :) Hoop jullie weer te zien.


12 Aug 2011,15:47


geïnteresseerd zijn in, betekent dat r&R toegevoegd zijn aan je fanlijst?

10 Aug 2011,16:06


(ik denk) dank je wel!

27 Mar 2011,12:51

Spelen met een parrot

27 Mar 2011,12:34
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Kunstlicht (2011 – now), Mediamatic Foundation (1 May 2010 – now)
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EvelynAustinEvelyn Austin




Born: Milton Keynes,United Kingdom