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Salon 1 14 English  Nederlands

Kaffemik 3

Fashion from the Frozen North

Greenland is no longer cold, it's cool!
This Sunday 14th February at 4 pm, Mediamatic is proud to present for the first time in Holland Najannguak L. Svæd, who belongs to an emerging generation of fashion designers from Greenland. Rob Sweere is invited to talk about his mobile sledgehome project. Maria Golia will be presenting 'Photography and Egypt'.


Since graduating in 2007 from the internationally known Kopenhagen School for Fashion and Design, Najannguak L. Svæd has been actively seeking for her personal signature in contemporary urban scandinavian fashion from a Greenlandic perspective. Combining traditional and modern techniques and textiles, her designs play with our preconceived expectations of the frozen North. Especially for this occasion Najannguak L. Svæd has created a performance in collaboration with fellow Greenlandic visual artist Bolatta Silis-Hoeegh and DJ copyfokking from Copenhagen.

Rob Sweere (NL) will show images of the mobile home sledge project he initiated in Uummanatsiaq, a small settlement on a deserted but beautiful green island in North-West Greenland.
Thanks to the meltdown, Greenland will reveal more and more of its true green identity! Bring your grey, dull, worn out clothing and stuff so we can make it nice and green.

In her presentation, 'Photography and Egypt' writer and long-time resident of Cairo Maria Golia describes the forces behind photography’s development in the most photographed place on earth, highlighting the camera’s power to conceal as well as reveal.

Information and reservation

Kaffemik starts at 4 pm. You can make a reservation by pushing the pink RSVP-button. Entrance €5 euros (free entrance for members of the Bardot Proviant Klub). For more information, please contact .