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Arjan Scherpenisse

new media artist, researcher, developer.

Besides being an Unstable Media student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, I work at Mediamatic Lab as software engineer. In this role I work on the anyMeta system, on fancy new technologies like XMPP and OpenID, and as general techie with the Mediamatic Foundation.

My main interests are new media and technology (both software and hardware) and its relation to art. Keywords: soldering, A.I., max/msp/pd, ipod touch, wiimote, software development, OpenCV, OSC, Processing, face recognition.

MiracleThings (Aug 2011 – now), Mediamatic Lab
Visitor of
Mediamatic HQ (20 Sep 2011), Mediamatic Foundation (9 Jun 2011)
Contact information
ArjanScherpenisseArjan Scherpenisse