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We want your waste

Soil Garden Project

From August 17-22, NANCE KLEHM, an ecological systems designer, will be in Warsaw to help conduct Pixxe’s SOIL GARDEN PROJECT! Right now they are looking for volunteers.

The Soil Garden Project will cultivate soil from waste. Using bicycles we will collect and compost organic waste such as food scraps, coffee grounds, cardboard, yard trimmings, and so on from residents, businesses, organizations, and public institutions in the Warsaw neighborhood of Ochota.

They aim to process 8-10,000 liters of waste during the project and turn it into humus for the 2013 growing season. Ongoing, they hope to process up to 1,000 liters per week.

During the project three WORKSHOPS will be lead by Nance: a Soil/compost workshop, a Composting toilet workshop, and an Urban Forage event. An Urban Feast will close the project.