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Female looking for Male (21–31)
Goal: Secret lover / I don't really want a date but I want to fantasize about one

      Country of origin: My native country ∞ I like my country Do you want children? Not right now Current number of children: 0 Relational status: It's complicated Religion ∞ Is opium for the people God herself: Imaginary friend for grown ups Professional: I'm a student Sector: Fine Art Money: I still have parents Housing: Shared apartment Clothing style: Elegant Hair: Dark What part of yourself are you proud of? My voice What do you not like about yourself? The shape of my nose Let's discuss weight now: I'm fine, thank you What do you look like? Like a frog Snoring: No Hobbies ∞ Stuffy stuff Bad habits ∞ I'm lazy
      What do you do?

      My life is defined by art history.

      What about your drug use:

      Does sleeping count as a drug? Cause I'm addicted to it and feel guilty afterwards...

      Cultural background:

      (half Dutch, half Danish)