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Innovation award for Mediamatic

ikTag and Interactive Social RFID Games

Tonight Mediamatic, together with a team of over 35 artists and designers won a silver SpinAward. With the ikTag & Interactive Social RFID Games ( Mediamatic won in the category 'Best Innovation'. The SpinAwards are annual awards for best examples in creativity and interactive communication. The ikTag is a small badge with a RFID tag. It can be used at events and expositions to do cool stuff with your profile without the use of a computer.

The SpinAwards are an annual prize since 1998. This year there were 444 cases submitted, of which 39 cases (like Rabo, Rexona, Ikea) in the category for Best Innovation. Upload cinema was also nominated in this category. Tonight the award show will take place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Although the magazine Adformatie published the winners already in their magazine, the event was cheerful and interesting. A delegation of Mediamatic was present at the official ceremony. The rest of the RFID team and staff of Mediamatic were celebrating the 'victory' in the nearby Pacific Parc restaurant.

The ikTag is an extremely simple interface for social networking, whether its offline or online. Mediamatic developed the ikTag so that the user can do cool stuff with his profile without the use of a computer. The ikTag is an innovative and cultural application of the RFID technology.

The ikTag works in combination with Social RFID Games like, the ikWin (Google Battle), the ikRun, a mobile massage couch, Breedrs, the ikCam photobooth and the Friend-Drink-Station. Mediamatic developed these interactive installations with the help of a group of designers and artists, during a Social RFID hackerscamp in September 2008. The installations were used during PICNIC, and several other social network events and during exhibitions at Mediamatic. For instance, during the current exhibition, Ik R.I.P., visitors can take pictures with the ikTag in the IkCoffin or by using the IkCam, which are directly published on their profile.