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your brainwaves can turn me on

Female looking for Female or Male (25–50)
Goal: A muse

i'm a curious lady tomboy, roaring my blazing mane. i work along the cracks between art and academia.

Country of origin: United States My native country ∞ I have a love/hate relationship with it Do you want children? Not right now Current number of children: 1 Relational status: In a relationship Religion ∞ I like their art God herself: There are many Politics ∞ I won't say Professional: I'm self employed Sector: New media Money: I can support myself Housing: Living with partner Clothing style: Glamorous Hair: Red What part of yourself are you proud of? My smell What do you not like about yourself? I stick my nose in places where it does not belong Let's discuss weight now: I'm fine, thank you What do you look like? Like a prince(ss) Snoring: I don't know Hobbies ∞ Brainy stuff Bad habits ∞ I'm jealous
What do you do?

I am a mover and shaker, a troublemaker, working as a video artist, writer, painter and researcher.

What about your drug use:

Usually, I walk the straight and narrow, sucking the marrow out of the small things in life, and an occasional drink and smoke along the way. Occasionally, I indulge unabashedly - all boundaries suspended - but even then, I don't need the substances to expand my mind. I'm high on life.

Cultural background:

amsterdam - berlin - cairo - pennsylvania countryside