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Art and New Technology in Amsterdam. We explore the possibilities and challenges that new technology offers art, design and society. You are most welcome to join us.

Mediamatic Blog

Glamdown at the Mediamatic Ballroom

Hosted by Naivest Elf & Nearly Not There Records

"In the emerging field of Life-Sciences and Bio-Design there is an expanding need for substantive collaboration."

Wild Time is back! Join us and dance your Friday night away with great food served 'til late and even greater tunes played 'til even later. You can expect scintilla...

Fermenting Fish

Zuursalon: Pieter Kaptein, Geert Dekens, Alice de Jong - Tokowijzer, Bianca Snoek, Jeroen van Wieren - Salsamentum

From the dreaded Swedish cans of Surströmming to ‘Garum’ style fish sauce. At this edition of Zuursalon we'll explore one of the strongest ferments there is: rotting fish. With a little help from salt, the Sun and the fish's own bacteria many cultures in the world have been able to transform...

  • Surströmming in a can - 

    This fermented sour haring is a delicacy in the Nordic region. The fish is fermented for over 6 months leading to a distinct scent and flavour.

    Image by: Mats Fallqvist from county museum Gävleborg

Tune in to the Non-Human

Biotalk with Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Dewi de Vree, Paul Seidler, Cateringa & Kompanen

How can we interact with the Non-Human?
Humans depend on their senses to perceive their environment. But what happens if an additional factor is added to our perception? Tonight we will explore the different ways in which we can connect to our natural surroundings by using our breath, touch...

Workshop: How to make Kimchi

Making Kimchi with a traditional recipe

Did you know that there are more than a hundred different kinds of Kimchi? Join our workshop to learn how to make your own! You'll learn first-hand what goes into making this ancient delicacy and be able to take home your very own batch of fermenting Chinese cabbage, with enough knowledge to impr...

Nosing Gin and Liqueurs

Odorama: with Fenny van Wees

We know the process of distilling for making alcoholic drinks such as spirits, brandy and whisky. But distilling is also the process that you use for making perfumes. For this edition of Odorama we invited Amsterdam distiller: Fenny van Wees from A. van Wees, De Ooievaar. Fenny calls herself a co...

Met Bent van Looy als gastredacteur zal Das Mag hun 18de editie lanceren bij Mediamatic met o.a. Muziek van Bent Van Looy, een interview met Catherine Lacey, de auteur van 'Niemand is ooit verloren', Charlotte Mutsaers vertelt over het bizarre verjaardagsfeest van Arnon Grunberg in Davos en Herma...

Workshop: Grow Your Own Materials

Learn to grow oyster mushrooms

It is said that the mushroom, and especially Mycelium has the potential to replace all sorts of (harmful) materials like plastics and batteries. Here at Mediamatic we are interested in the cultural and artistic implications of this 'new' bio-material and invite you to start exploring it for yours...

Narrating Syria

Screening and talk with Foundland

​Join us for a night focusing on the question of narrative in the media’s representation of the Syrian conflict. New Europeans will be hosting the art and design collective Foundland,
who will be screening their film “Scenarios for Failed Futures” (2015), a film which deals with the ...

  • Narrating Syria promotion flyer - 

    New Europeans will be hosting the art and design collective Foundland, who will be screening their film “Scenarios for Failed Futures” (2015), a film which deals with the current situation in the Middle East, and more specifically Syria, by mapping the historical events as they have been represented in the media.

Wild Time: Fourth edition

With: Diego, Arif, DJs Koen & Seamus

Let's dance and get wild! On the last Sunday of May we invite you and your friends to Mediamatic's waterfront for a cosy Sunday matinée with Djs Cosime (Nous'klaer), Seamus (Nearly Not There Records) and Diego. Hosted by Arif. ...

Material Metamorphosis

Biotalk with Emilie van Spronsen, Sarah-Linda Forrer and Tetsuro Oike

The speakers of this Biotalk will make us revalue certain materials in life we take for granted. How come all over the world there are chicken materials in consumer products that we don't know of? And how come we regard bodily waste as waste and not as something of vital importance? Join this edi...

  • H5N8 stool, Emilie van Spronsen - 

    All over the world chicken meat is consumed and chicken materials are applied in countless consumer products: From shampoos to car tires, and from fireworks to pillows. However chicken material is used, it remains invisible. The seat of H5N8 Stool is made of coloured chicken feathers embedded in bio-epoxy. It seems to reveal the inside of a pillow, as the chicken feathers float in transparent epoxy. Although the shape looks light and soft, it feels rigid.

    Picture made by Anna Claire de Breij

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