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Adventures in urban farming

Mediamatic has their own urban agriculture system in the form of an Aquaponics greenhouse at the Biotoop Dijkspark, near Amsterdam Central station.

Aquaponics is a way to sustainably produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. Plants and fish are cultivated together. The fish excrete ammonia which gets transformed by bacteria into nitrate. The nitrate serves as fertilizer for the plants.

What we offer


If you are interested in a tour of our beautiful Aquaponics greenhouse you can make an appointment with . The farm is open weekdays, from 10.00 - 18.00. Tickets €5,- .


We offer one-day building workshops for making a living-room scale systems. This is also very interesting for schools. Check our calendar for dates.

Custom requests

We offer consultancy sessions with our highly experienced team members in case you want advice or practical information and knowledge. These sessions can take place by phone, e-mail or appointment. Price is € 120 excl. VAT per hour. We offer a 30% cultural discount for schools, cultural organisations, students and freelancers (then the price is € 84 per hour excl. VAT).

Custom workshops / hiring a system for an exhibition or project

Please contact for more information and possibilities.



Things I would do different when building a new system

Kunnen we de vissen uit de grachten eten zonder gezondheidsrisico's?

Vis uit de grachten

De toekomst van visserij in Amsterdam

De Amsterdamse grachten zitten vol eetbare vissen. Waarom doen we hier niet meer mee?

Aquaponic Kitchen

New Zealand Spinach Juice

Drinking our aquaponic vegetables

Aquaponic Kitchen

Saag Paneer, Butter Chicken, and More

An Indian feast becomes our most aquaponic meal yet

Biological Control

The circle of life writ small in our aquaponics greenhouse

It's all just things eating things in here.

Aquaponic Kitchen

When life hands you catfish...

The aquaponics team makes a minor mishap into a major feast

Aquaponic Kitchen

Risotto With Peas and Chard

My first contribution as Aquaponics Intern: lunch!

Aquaponic Kitchen

Lasagna Florentine

Spinach and cheese feature prominently in this week's aquaponic lunch

Aquaponic Kitchen

Jap Chae and Banchan

Kim chi made from aquaponic chard inspires a Korean meal

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