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Pis' Project

Urine in Art, Design and Society

There is more to piss than we ever imagined.

Pis' blog

How Pee will save the world

Don't waste your pee!

Urine is a precious good which is way too valuable for just to be flushed down the toilet. Here are some of the things that show how pee and poo will help save humanity.

Public Intimacy

Pissing in the City

The design of public toilets can tell us a lot more about society than you expect...

26 Bathrooms and 6 Apartments

Cinematography notes on the Toilet

''It was an affectionate, ironical, critical look at bathroom design - it is not only what people put in their bathrooms, but also what people do in their bathrooms, which is the secret room of the house, where one becomes metaphorically and literally stripped right down to the basics.”

Inside the curiosity-cabinet of toilets

A visit to Europe's first toilet museum

Prague – a flourishing cultural city with a wide range of galleries, museums and art. Since 2014, the city is hosting another attraction: The first European museum of historical toilets and pisspots.

Architecture of Crisis

Mr.Takeshita and Dr. Oike on water purification technologies and biomimicry

Can we change the paradigm in which the toilet is ‘wet’ and the cleaning is ‘dry’?

In many areas on Earth people cannot reach drinkable water. At the same time the Western World is still using the flushing toilet and polluting the seas with tons of grey, black and yellow waters. M...

Gilbert & George's bodily pictures

Spunk, blood, piss, shit, spit

A piece about two artists who challenged taboos and social “diktats” by magnifying the sometimes disgusting materiality of the body

  • Urinal (1991) - 

    A picture by Gilbert & George made as a provocation against repressive religious positions in regard to homosexual relations, sex, and nudity. See more here.

The metamorphic fluids of Jan Fabre

The body as a treasure trove in Fabre's theatre

Urine, blood, semen, tears, sweat and the naked body: this is the magic laboratory theatre director and artist Jan Fabre explores, uses and confronts his public with.

On soil fertility and the decline of society

The last words of Justus Von Liebig, the father of organic Chemistry

What does soil fertility loss mean? The Earth’s soils can tell many stories to those able to read them.


Suck / Lip / Quaff / Breath / Squallashed / Skin's / Taste / Let / Me.

What makes urine a turn on?

Talking about golden showers with Mistress Kalyss Mercury

Water sports are still a taboo. You don't find many people who are willing to discuss the subject. Kalyss Mercury is an exception. Professional dominatrix for years and kink research pioneer, she has no fear in saying what she likes about golden showers.

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