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Myco Brewery


Distillation update

Making the alcohol

An update on the distillation project, this time on making the mash, i.e. the liquid that goes into the still to be distilled.

Distillation 101

Using physics to extract smells

Throughout the fall and winter, I will be distilling some of the liquids that are produced in and around Mediamatic. Distillation is a technique, mostly used in chemistry, to separate components of a liquid mixture. This separation is based on the different volatilities of the components, i.e. ho...

  • Running the still for the first time. - 

    During the distillation process the temperature of the vapours will slowly climb to 100 °C. The thermometer at the top of the column helps with monitoring the vapour temperature and tells you how far in the process you are.

Brew Your Own Beer: Taste Notes

MABJeR - Gordita - Motor Oil

The final fermentation is over and the beers brewed in the workshop 2 months ago are finally ready to be tasted.

Test batch beer is now available at Mediamatic ETEN - while stocks last!

Brew Your Own Beer!

Clean Lab Brew Team Workshop: Saturday May 21

The Mediamatic staff teamed up to brew a delicious selection of beers: Wheat Saison, American Amber Ale, and Chocolate Milk Stout.

  • Beer Brewing - 

    Mediamatic staff teamed up to make 3 different beers. Here the grains are being cooked inside a 'Grainfather.'

Fungal Futures

Exhibition at Utrecht University

Oude Hortus, Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht | March 24 - May 16 2016

A collaborative project between Utrecht University, Officina Corpuscoli and Mediamatic.

Meet the Myco Insulation Brewery Team

Part 2: Mycelium Cultivation

Find out more about Ramon, Brendan and Claudia, the current team responsible for the mycelium cultivation activities of the Mediamatic Myco Insulation Brewery.

Find out more about Hugo and Isa, the current team responsible for the beer brewing activities of the the Mediamatic Myco Insulation Brewery.

  • Brewing Beer! - 

    Hugo is stirring the wort in the Clean Lab in order to prevent a boil-over during the grain boiling part of the brewing process.

What has the Myco-Brew team been up to recently? With the newly refurbished Clean Lab, the Myco-Brew project is back in action! Separate spaces within the same building have been specially designed to fit equally around the process of...

Proposal Textile mycelium

How can we use mycelium to improve textiles?

The insulating and moisture-absorbing properties of mycelium are very good. A lot of textiles are lacking these. That is why want to integrate the mycelium into textiles. Could we make a fine flexible textile piece that insulates drafty places or functions as a moisture absorber?

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