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olfactory art, research and design

Whether derived from nature, or chemically constructed, odourant molecules have the ability to profoundly affect our behaviour, emotions and associations. At Odorama we will actively engage with our senses and explore everything that reaches and affects the nose. We will consider olfactory history and design that is experimental and challenging. And introduce you to the fragrance as a work of art in itself.

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Smells like ... Microbes?

Your perfume may soon be produced by bacteria

The traditional perfume industry is strongly linked to the availability of specific odorants. As their harvest is depending on weather conditions and is therefore uncertain, scientists came up with a smart replacement.

The Psychology of Smell: RESULTS

Findings of Prof. Dr. E.P. Köster

Results of the experiment on the memory of incidentally learned odours presented in two artistic vessels at the beginning of the Odorama talk May 12th, 2016.

Festive Fumes

Adventurously absorbing alcoholic aromas

The recognisable scent alcoholic drinks produce can be intense when you have not had one yourself, and at the wrong time of day give the impression of not really having your life together. Still, most of us enjoy an occasional beverage. Here are some fun facts on their fragrance.

Follow your beak

Natural nasal navigation in nautical natives

Imagine being a gull in your natural habitat: hovering over a great sea. Waves that constantly change shape, no points of recognition whatsoever, just a blue world above as well as below. How would you know where you left your nest?

Subliminal Scents

There is a reason your favourite store smells like it does

Ever left a supermarket with a loaf of bread you didn't need? Because it smelled so great you just had to get a fresh baguette? It is a sign of a magical sales tool: sensory marketing.

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    not all smells are free, notably those designed by specialised advertisement agencies

Smell Dating

Sniff out your true partner

Love is a reaction, and smells are really just floating chemicals. Knowing this, it makes sense to build a dating agency around the idea that scent is a larger factor in attraction than physicality. Enter Smell Dating, the world's first service of its kind....

Nose Nostalgia

The Science Behind Fragrant Flashbacks

Why does the scent of freshly cut grass spark vivid images of childhood memories on your elementary school yard? Why does a whiff of the perfume of a woman in passing transports you briefly into the arms of an ex lover?


The World's Smelliest Food is a Swedish Delicacy

Summer has finally come to an end. For those in northern Sweden it means one thing: surströmming season is here! Now, before you go off and text your Swedish friend, “Why wasn’t I invited to the surströmmingsskiva?” you will definitely want to know more about this notorious Swedish dish....