book: John Roberts 1 Jan 1994

Art has no History

The Making and Unmaking of Modern Art

The art critic John Roberts draws together studies of key post-war and contemporary artists.

All the essays in this book are written by art historians and art-writers. These essays take a critical look at the construction of recent modern art history in both its traditional and radical forms. The artists discussed are Francis Picabia, Ad Reinhardt, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Jasper Johns, Anselm Keifer, Mary Kelly, Cindy Sherman, Victor Burgin and Laurie Anderson. All in all the book provides an overview of art since 1945 and a guide to the dates it has caused. However, it aims to reassert the value of critical art history as a remedy to the vagaries of fashion and self-promotion that character much writing on arts today.


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