Kristin Posehn

31 Aug 2008
30 Sep 2008

Museum de Paviljoens presents the work of Kristin Posehn on location in Almere. During her residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Los Angeles, the American artist Kristin Posehn (California, 1978) came across the ruins of the city Metropolis in Nevada. In 1911 Metropolis was founded as a planned city by the Pacific Reclamation Company and was supposed to house 7500 inhabitants. After a short period of wealth and prosperity, the city became abandoned in the '50s. Its water supply was suspended because the Company did not own the rights to the water. Now all the buildings are in ruin and all that is left is the impressive facade of the town's school.


Het schoolgebouw in Metropolis. Afbeelding gevonden op Kristin Posehn's website . -

With wooden constructions and detailed photographs Kristin Posehn creates replicas of buildings and architectural objects in the landscape. After her discovery of the ruins of Metropolis, Posehn decided to do create a replica of this city. During her post-academical studies at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht she found a site in Almere that proved a fitting location for the execution of her plans.

At SITE2F7 she reconstructed the ruin of Metropolis, thereby temporarily creating an illusion of the abandoned city. SITE2F7 is the only empty spot that is left in the so carefully designed center of Almere. The parallels between Metropolis and the New Town Almere in their struggles with water make Site2F7 a very meaningful location. You can also visit the Site2F7 festival!

Reclamations can be visited until September 30 on site near De Paviljoens in Almere.