Commentary Kiki on Steroids! exhibition

Originally collected on post-its

Below some comments left behind by the visitors of the Kiki on Steroids! exhibition.


Kiki on Steroids! exhibition at Mediamatic. - Alice Bodanzky

'Mooie zelfbewuste mensen'

'Dit is vet :-p Egt waar'


'Happy to be happy that I'm a woman. Good approach to the theme.' - Teresa



'Sorry, I took a headlight!' - Joe 'Me too'

'A lot of narcistic personalities & auto mutilation'

'Fantastic! You should come to Australia'

':)' - Abraham

'Leuk! Onthullend' - Love of his life a.k.a. Ravi

'Loved it!' - Pieter & Robert

'(Russische tekst)'

'Manque juste les legendes'

'Ja! Lachuh'

'I love my transboy!'

'Erg leuk en inzichtgevend (insiggewend)'


'Humanitas helpt egt - ga naar'

'Good! x'

'From geile boys Vienna, kiss'

'I live in the U.S.A. :-(' 'But moving to A'dam'

'Großarrtig! Fantastisch! 01-01-09' - Anke & Nils

'1/1/2009 Is the labyrinth a cruising area..? (If so, I got my cock sucked there!)'

'Good coffee and I wanna be a boy' - Rita

'Las transformaciones son muy interesantes... Conviertete en lo realmente quieres!'

'Soooo sexy mannetjes, liked it!' - Lisa & Caressa

'Needs a little more explanation... info boards, xxboys profiles and stories... will check website!'

'I'm in love with everyone of this boys' - A straight woman

'Dude, where's my car?!!'

'I got lost in the labyrinth' - Anna

'XX Boys + XX girls = XX world!'

'What do I do?? ... Een beetje vies is niet smerig'

'Baie interessant' 'David likes guitars but I like him'