Alan Donson

guitar synthesis

The end of the analogue era is musically highlighted by more than 35 years of guitar syntheiszers.John mclaughlin hides a laptop behind a mountain of analogue and digital equipment to recreate the exotic ambiences of shakti and his collaborations with chick corea.Still, the interface of analogue and digital music production is far from copasetic.

The sputtering and subterfuge of the end of the analogue era vis- a vis art music production is more like a stormy divorce than a honeymoon in berlin full blown.In the modern era ersatz pipe dream ish - subcultural echoes are more associated with techno?or its derivative s than jazz or fusion or electronic soundscaping.The quintessential point is many listeners like guitar synthesis if they dont cognitively realize a guitar synthesiser is being utilized..god forbid they should find out - instantly many are against the very recording they originally liked!Keyboard synthesizers from the begining had their detractors and their fanatical cult like fan base.Guitar synthesis in streaming audio is potentially a massive force,as old and subjunctive thinking slowly and loudly dies away.Like and dislike are primal and irremoveable facts of the human condition ..but the non-academic bottom line is programming of the culturally tuned ear, and obscurantism,which allows for the cost -effective muzzling of quality engineering in audio ,analogue or digital, for the sake of commercialism.The virtual guitar.. or the midi guitar or the guitar synthesizer are all hateful to some and infinitely fascinating to many others.There needs to be a return to substantive intellectuality in digital music production coupled with a focus on heavy rhythm and simple whistleable melody and that in progressive pop musics.. ususally causes a generic people dont question hyper-critically what they enjoy.Since charlie parker and dizzy gillespie created bebop, a war of sensibilities has been raging,and digital music is in the 21st century continues this war of sensibilities.Allan holdsworth, has like myself, been contributing analogue and digital guitar synthesis for a very long time with the same sort of unsettling detractors and fanatical fan base in the narrow monochrome of the last 40 years leading up to 2009.John mclaughlin plays thru a laptop and doesnt carry an analogue amplifier any more. Art and technology are more interconnected than ever..the question is how progressively.Does the technology control or play us or the reverse? it may be unpalatable to imagine your dog taking you for a walk but digital music production has not yet replaced all analogue music production or even equalled ..paralleled let alone surpassed multitrack recording,the primary environment that guitar synthesis flourishes in. Alan Donson jazz on youtube.