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Process exposed

Twiekt is an education tool that opens up creative processes to potential audiences and art students.

Twiekt is a learning tool for the arts. The objective of the tool is to decrease the gap between a work of art and an audience. Via Twiekt, an audience has the opportunity to engage with creative content, artists and educators. Users are able to mix, remix, create, collaborate or simply 'twiek' the artists material. The tool offers functions for video, audio and image based content.
Twiekt prototype process blog is an example of how content was collected.


process exposed - kylie

There are three main users of the education tool:
1.The artist or artist group.
This user group uses Twiekt as a documentation tool and a production aid. It is a means by which the artist's are able to have a common ground to share content, process, working methods and a platform to promote their work. It is a communication tool.
2.The teacher or workshop giver.
This user group guides the student to certain area's of Twiekt and provide the tasks for the learning process that coincide with ciriculum or 'lesbrieven'.
3.The student
As the main goal of the tool is to be an education tool the student is the core participant of 'Twiekt'. The student participates in taskes that are provided via Twiekt by the teacher/workshop giver and is then assessed accordingly.

The Twiekt project is a new innovative approach to cultural education. It allows the student to look more deeply into a creative process. It allows them to engage with the artists work by creating their own work as a response. Furthermore, it exposes users to cross disciplinary vocabulary.

I wish to have the opportunity to have this tool developed and published. It shows potential to be a tool that meets the needs of students, educators, the education sector and artists. Via a means of sharing, remixing, assessing and networking it provides a better understanding of a creative process and a learning process.

Twiekt is an online tool/platform and it facilitates interactive sharing of information, user-generated content and the choice to collaborate with others in a social media dialogue. Web 2.0 is essential to this project.