1 Jan 2004

Venice and

The Silent Service

Between November 24 and December 7 Venice and The Silent Service
by Vanessa Beecroft were to be seen.


The Silent Service, Vanessa Beecroft - Mediamatic Outdoor Projections 2003/04

Her contribution reacted to the Mediamatic Supermarket environment.

She showed two performances. One is by a group of marines as a reference to the former marine activity in the Prins Hendrikkade area.

The other by a group of naked women with masked heads Iin the Peggy Guggenheim Museum (Venice) referring to Mediamatic Supermarket as an exhibition space.


Venice - Vanessa Beecroft - Mediamatic Buitenprojecties

Vanessa Beecroft Venice
Vanessa Beecroft (Genoa, 1969) makes impressive performance-installations with human bodies, usually women's, since 1993.