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Mediamatic Magazine & Mediamatic Off-line

Established in 1985 as a meeting place for video artists and TV dissidents, Mediamatic Magazine has evolved into a sophisticated and beautiful quarterly on art and media and the changes being wrought by techno-culture, hypermedia and virtuality.

Mediamatic focuses on understanding what's going on with our culture rather than boring you with the latest corporate mergers or technological breakthroughs. It is a magazine for literate people.

Each issue has a theme, such as Storage Mania, Home, or Religion. Articles are commissioned in which playfulness and freedom of thought are employed to produce unexpected insights. Mediamatic fosters the uncommon rather than the common. Its raw material is the text of theory: analysis, polemics, experimental theory, speculations and sometimes pure fiction. Authors from Europe, Japan and North America examine the themes through the filter of Mediamatic's only assumption: New media are changing every facet of human endeavour more rapidly and more deeply than one can guess.

Since 1993 every issue of Mediamatic Magazine has had a cd-rom as a supplement. This way Mediamatic has published some now (in)famous cd-roms created by Gerald van der Kaap, JoDi, Doors of Perception and Florian Thalhofer. Many of the Mediamatic cd-roms have attracted international attention and have been given awards.

We still have a limited supply available of our back issues. Check which of these invaluable sources of information are still in stock:

Our supply of Mediamatic Magazine back issues:

Vol.6#4 The Ear Issue

Vol.7#1 The 1/0 Issue

Vol.7#2 The World Issue

Vol.7#3/4 The End of Advertising Issue (sold out)

CD-Rom Blind Rom by Gerald van der Kaap

Vol.8#1 The Storage Issue

CD-Rom Doors of Perception 1 by Dutch Design Institute & Mediamatic

Vol.8#2/3 The Home Issue

CD-Rom Airbag by V.O.L.V.O.

Vol.8#4 The Religion Issue

CD-Rom Idea On! by Troy Innocent

Vol.9#1 The Secret Agent

CD-Rom Family Files by Mari Soppela

Vol.9#2/3 The Context Issue

CD-Rom OSS by

Vol.9#3/4 The Printed Issue including CD-Rom world by Florian Thalhofer

The series of the supplement cd-rom publications has been continued autonomously since 2000 under the name Mediamatic Off-Line.

Our current supply of Mediamatic Off-Line back issues:

Vol.10#2 CD-Rom Annunciation by Cesare Davolio

Vol10#3 CD-Rom For a better World by Mathilde ter Heijne

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