Mark Bain

16 Jan 2010
14 Feb 2010

Inspired by the gothic vaulting of the ceiling at the Vleeshal with its rib structure and parabolic shapes, orbitor works as a hybrid project combining elements that both infuse and diffuse the architectural moment. Beneath the fractured shell of the ceiling lies the chessboard mosaic of the black and white floor, with masonry walls rounding out the construction of the long space, it adds up to a matrix of sound reflective surfaces. The building itself also has a sound, as all buildings do, of the resonant history of materials in time and shape. Electricity, radio waves and other social systems cycle continually throughout, as all places do, a hidden movement that most aren’t aware. There’s even the great trumpet of the ventilation system, that re-circulator lying underneath pumping away in its protective bunker. And as with the clock tower, the weather and the plein, all external forces come in to play.


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The American artist Mark Bain works on the interface of acoustics, architecture and actions of conceptual/experiential integration. For some time Bain has been involved in an ongoing research into the area of sound and architecture and how sonic events condition bodies and buildings they occupy. Sculptural aspects of sound are also investigated in the way resonant materials can define structures in space.

Other installations involve living systems and investigative devices, which position the viewer into rarified experiences. In this work, he designs hybrid apparatuses, which engage both locations and the viewing public. These are not necessarily products in themselves, but rather tools developed which lead to certain ends. His research can be thought as a kind of divining, a loosening, or search for living entities, defining a presence within that which is normally thought of as static and dead.


16.01.2010 17.00 - 19.00